5 Offbeat Vacation Ideas From HomeAway

Renting a home nearly any place on the planet is easier than ever thanks to HomeAway. When it is so easy to relax in the privacy of your own house for less than the cost of a hotel, the only issue is, where in the world you will go?! If you have some vacation time coming up and you are itching for some adventure, consider renting a home at one of these five exotic locales. We have scoured the vacation rentals on HomeAway to find the best of the best. You could be living like a local or kicking back with a drink in your hands in no time.

1. Beach Villa Wallia, Moorea, French Polynesia

This luxurious beach villa is located smack in the middle of the South Pacific, a flight's distance from New Zealand. This two bedroom, one bathroom, beachfront home can accommodate up to six people. Enjoy fun in the sun literally on top of the sands of Robinson’s Cove Private Beach. Amenities include a Master Bedroom with a large window that faces the lagoon, an outdoor shower, a hammock. And did we mention your own private beach in the South Pacific? Learn more.

2. Sailor’s House, Rakalj, Istria, Croatia

A lot of people do not think about Croatia when considering a voyage to the Mediterranean. Rakalj is a small village located on the shore where they have been stone cutting, pottery, viticulture, growing olives for over 512 years. This breathtaking stone dwelling was originally the home of a sailor and poet. It is located in the midst of a rocky field and surrounded by olive trees. Amenities include traditional decor, an outdoor shower, and a spectacular ocean view. Learn more.

3. Casa Tortuga Villa, San Pedro, Belize

Casa Tortuga Villa is a decadent beachside villa set amid the coastal beauty of sunny Belize. Live like a conquistador in this classic Central American villa complete with Spanish colonial architecture, canopy bed, antique furniture, a swimming pool and fountain, and a turret overlooking the courtyard’s lush garden setting. This mansion has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, 73 coconut palms, and sleeps 14 people. Ask about their special wedding accommodations. Learn more. 

4. Saint-Sauveur Cabin, St. Adolphe d’Howard, Quebec, Canada

If you are more of a mountain person then there is no better destination than the forests of Canada. This historic 1940s cabin is located on the shores of Lake Pierre Aubin a few hours outside of Montreal. In the summer, make use of your own private beach in a non-motorized lake that is stocked with plenty of trout. Up to eight people can make use of the swimming dock, picnic tables, volleyball net, swings and seesaws, pedal boat, and a campfire site. Learn more.

5. Role’s Crabby Daddy, Gulf Shores, Alabama

You don’t necessarily have to travel across the planet just to feel the sand under your toes when you could be cracking beers at the Hangout in Gulf Shores. Crabby Daddy is a two bedroom cottage located on the Gulf of Mexico. The charming Creole cabin is located on the sands of Little Lagoon in a quiet part of West Beach. The beach shack is built on stilts, with a wrap around wood deck, brightly colored decor, and winding paths that lead to the seashore. Learn more. 

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