5 Packing Tips For Your Next Vacation

Packing for a vacation can sometimes be a tad overwhelming. You want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything crucial while still resisting the urge to overpack (those oversize baggage fees at the airport are a killer!). So, follow these 5 packing tips, and you’ll be more than prepared for your next trip!

1. Make a packing list.

Being a type-A person means that I actually make notecards for what I’m wearing on each day of the trip. It allows me to mix and match outfits so that I’m not including too many extra pieces in my luggage. Plus, this added step of organization makes me feel like I’ll still look put together on the trip (it’s the fashionista side of me).

If detailed notecards seem a little over-the-top (trust me, my family teases me mercilessly for them!), many travel experts still recommend making a packing list. You’re far less likely to include extraneous items (like spare toiletries or extra pairs of shoes), so zipping up that suitcase will be much easier. It can also be helpful if you’re packing for more than one person - you’ll be sure you’re including what each member of your family needs to survive the trip.

2. Roll your clothes.

Rolling clothes instead of merely folding them can actually save you tons of space! Clothes are also much less likely to get super wrinkled this way. To maximize your space even more, put rolled up socks and underwear inside your shoes. This saves some room, and makes it less embarrassing if TSA decides to open up your luggage in front of everyone.

3. Cut down on the amount of toiletries you include.

A common tip from travel experts is to limit the amount of toiletries you take. These days, even if you’re traveling to a deserted island, you’re still pretty likely to come across stores where you can stock up on essentials like toothpaste and razors. People generally overpack thinking they won’t be able to find toiletries at their destination, but the truth is, this is rarely the case. Pack only the things you absolutely need, and then be willing to purchase a few items once you get on your trip. It’ll save lots of room in your suitcase, and you might just happen upon a new product you love at your destination.

4. Buy packing cubes from eBags.

A friend of mine turned me onto eBags awhile back, and I have no idea how I survived packing before! The packing cubes come in a variety of sizes, so they’re perfect for organizing your clothes and toiletries. They also come in several different, fun colors! Plus, you can use a discount code at checkout for awesome savings on these packing lifesavers!

5. Leave room in your bag for souvenirs.

If you’re one of those people who has to sit on their luggage in order to close it, packing up when you’re ready to leave is always going to be a pain. However, if you intentionally leave extra room when you’re packing before the trip, you’ll have space for souvenirs you pick up on your travels. Packing can be so much less of a hassle if you just try to pack light!

Hope these packing tips help make getting ready for your trip a little easier. Happy travels!

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