5 Perfect Occasions to Send Flowers

Sending flowers is a time honored tradition for many occasions. But in the modern world, many people are unsure of what the correct etiquette is when sending floral arrangements. The type of bouquet one sends varies according to the reason for sending flowers. 

There are times when certain blooms may be wildly inappropriate. You would not send a romantic arrangement of red roses to a grieving widow or to the manager in accounting. Nor would you give your love interest a funeral basket if you wanted to go on another date. The perfect bouquet may be just the right picker upper for the special person in your life. When shopping at websites like Just Flowers, use a coupon code and consider the occasion, the person receiving, as well as your budget.

1. Sympathy Arrangements

In lieu of a note or card, floral arrangements are a simple reminder that our thoughts are with those affected. White blooms such as lilies and roses are historically conventional. But a conservative color scheme is suitable as well. Most reputable florists should have a selection of sympathy arrangements to choose from.

2. Get Well Soon

An injury or other unfortunate accident is not the same thing as a death and should not be treated as such. These parties need to remember to stay positive when they look at the flowers you sent. A potted plant may be ideal if you think they would not mind taking care of it. Or try to incorporate another gift with the arrangement such as fruit baskets, cookies, or a teddy bear.

3. Greeting Card Holidays

There is a holiday for nearly every job that one can do. Mother’s and Father’s Day come to mind, but there is also Secretary’s Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Then there are the holidays that are fun to celebrate – Labor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Tax Day – but are not as commercial. A decorative floral arrangement brightens up anyone’s Groundhog Day.

4. Important Milestones

Everybody goes through important stage in their life, like graduation or parenthood. These are the times when it is nice to express your warm wishes in the form of flowers. Sentimental tokens like a flower basket really do make the day more special for your loved ones. For example, graduates often wear leis of orchids around their necks during the ceremony.

5. Just Because

It is a widely acknowledged fact that women enjoy receiving flowers just because. If sending flowers just because to your girlfriend or wife, make sure you do it in such a way that she is not suspicious that you feel guilty about something. They say that chocolates say “I love you,” so why not surprise her with flowers and chocolate before a romantic dinner date?

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