5 Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas From Haband

The best part about planning a wedding is the registry. Cake tastings are a close second. But the registry is a chance to request the things you need, and all of the things you’ve wanted, but couldn’t justify spending your money on. As someone whose getting married, I’ve had a lot of fun adding to my registry. And as a wedding guest, it’s so much easier to get a sense of what a couple wants and who they are based on the gifts they request. Even if I’m not buying from the registry, I can get a better understanding of their interests and what they would like to have.

Haband has an excellent selection of fun and quirky household items that would make great wedding gifts. Here are five to check out and buy. But shop smart and use a Haband discount code at checkout.

1. AmeriHome Tabletop Popcorn Popper

Everybody wants to pop their own popcorn at home, but not many people have room in their budget for an at-home popper. This one is fun and makes up to five cups in three minutes. It’s easy to add oil and other toppings and very easy to clean.

2. 18-Pc. BBQ Tool Set

This is a great gift for a new couple. Obviously you’ll want to make sure they have a grill first, but this will come in handy when the newlyweds host barbecues, and it’s something that as long as they have a grill, they will always need a bbq set. Even if they already have one, it’s a good item to upgrade that they might be reluctant to upgrade themselves.

3. Tranquil Sleep Sound Spa

Is there a better gift than that of a solid night’s rest? If the newlyweds are planning to start a family soon, this might be lifesaver when the little ones arrive.

4. 7-Pc. Cookware Set

I realize that this is probably one of the most standard wedding gifts you can buy, and for that reason, brides and grooms everywhere probably end up with multiple sets. You know what? It doesn’t matter. Unless kitchen storage is an issue, it always helps to have nice, new cookware. You really can’t go wrong with a cookware set.

5. Vivitar™ Refractor Telescope

Okay, you caught me. As a wedding gift, maybe not a lot of couples would register for this. Maybe I have. Guilty. But it’s cool and you can bet that it’ll be the only telescope they will receive.

We should all know a little more about astronomy anyway, don’t you think? Planets are getting demotions these days, for goodness sakes.

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