5 Pop Culture T-Shirts from TV Shows that Ended in 2014

2014 has almost come and gone, but pop culture t-shirts can help you remember the important moments. Like the series finale of a beloved TV show. Over 100 shows aired their finales in 2014, and TV Store Online  has officially licensed shirts to help commemorate them.

Here are five departed shows and five pop culture t-shirts from TV Store Online to help you remember them:

True Blood

In 2008, America was just starting its love affair with vampires. So was Sookie Stackhouse, and Sookie’s was much sexier. In fact, the thing most people remember about True Blood: It had the most attractive cast on TV.

Of course, they owe some sex appeal to their costumes. Well, this True Blood t-shirt will help your sex appeal if you ever take a waitressing job at Merlotte's.


Wilfred may have had the craziest premise on TV. Ryan Newman sees his neighbor’s dog as a full-grown human male in a dog costume. He interacts with the dog/man daily.

With that set-up, the show jumped straight to cult status. Someday soon you’ll be at a party and someone will ask, “Have you seen Wilfred?” That’s why this Wilfred t-shirt is perfect:

Eastbound and Down

Kenny Powers was a terrible gym teacher. His professional baseball career went down in flames, so he started coaching. He yelled things like: “Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless” and  “If at first you don’t succeed then maybe you just suck.”

You could create thousands of pop culture t-shirts from Eastbound and Down’s four seasons on HBO. Instead, get this Kenny Powers jersey t-shirt and go find yourself someone who needs some coaching.

Sons of Anarchy

The best TV makes you feel like part of a club. Sons of Anarchy made viewers part of the brotherhood, riding along with SAMCRO.

In seven seasons, SoA showed what it meant to belong to something. . . and sometimes it meant hiding a human head in a pot of hot chili. With an Elvis impersonator and a porn operation called Red Woody, the group from the T-M garage sounds ridiculous. (But I wouldn’t say that to their faces.)

9.3 million viewers watched the finale. That’s a big brotherhood. This Sons of Anarchy t-shirt lets everyone know you’re part of it.

How I Met Your Mother

Whether you loved the finale or hated it, saying goodbye to Ted and the gang wasn’t easy. For nine seasons, we listened as Ted shared inappropriate stories with his kids. At some point, we realized it wasn’t about meeting The Mother.

It was about Slapsgiving and doppelgängers. It was suiting up and performing The Naked Man. And it was singing “Let’s Go to the Mall” with Robin Sparkles.

Life is about the stories you create with your closest friends. To help you remember, you should wear this duck tie t-shirt from HIMYM for an entire year.

TV Store Online has a huge selection of pop culture t-shirts. Go check out the TV Store Online deals, then shop their collection for a shirt to help you remember some good times. When you find one, connect with us on the CouponPal Facebook Page or Tweet us and let us know.

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