5 Proven Benefits of School Uniforms

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The debate over whether or not schools should require uniforms shows no sign of cooling off anytime soon, but still more and more schools, public and private, are choosing to institute uniform policies. While it’s a bummer that your kids aren’t allowed to wear their favorite band shirt or a tee featuring their favorite cartoon character, requiring uniforms in school has been proven to be in the best interest of the students. Still skeptical? Here are the top 5 benefits of school uniforms.

1. Easy To Enforce

Uniforms policies are much easier to enforce than dress codes. Dress codes require a lengthy list of rules with lots of wiggle room, and students will always find the loopholes. On the other hand, uniforms give students a clear set of choices for what to wear – certain colors and styles – and that’s it. It’s very easy to see if a student is in uniform or not. As Sonal Panse points out in her article at Buzzle.com, one of the benefits of school uniforms is that they make “daily battles to separate the appropriate from the otherwise” unnecessary.

2. Distinguish Intruders

These days, with violence occurring in many of our schools, the safety of students is in the front of everyone’s minds. One safety benefit of school uniforms is that all the students will be dressed the same, so any intruder on the school campus will be very easy to spot.

3. Fewer Behavioral Problems

While it can’t be conclusively proven that school uniforms contribute to improved academic performance (because of complicating factors like different curriculum and standards), uniforms in school have been proven to decrease the amount of behavioral problems on campus. Students in uniforms have no reason to bully each other or fight  over different clothes and styles. In a study of Nevada middle schools, there was a 10% decrease in behavioral referrals and a 63% decrease in campus police logs during the first year of uniform implementation.

4. Less Money Spent On Clothes

Dressing kids can take an amazing chunk out of your budget. Not only are clothes expensive, but the kids just keep on growing out of them! With a school uniform, though, your children will be dressed in uniform 5 days of the week. This significantly cuts down on the sheer amount of clothing you’ll need to buy for them.

Some people harbor the misconception that school uniforms are expensive, but if you look in the right places and use coupon codes, you can get good deals on uniforms for kids and high school students. Not only that, but quality uniforms like French Toast brand will last a long time, so you won’t need to buy new ones often.

5. Less Gang Activity

Another of the proven benefits of school uniforms is that gang activity declines with the implementation of uniforms. In Nevada, middle schools that started requiring uniforms saw a decrease in gang-related activities, student fights, and graffiti. According to Marian Wilde of GreatSchools.org, uniform proponents point out that uniforms in school can help prevent gangs from forming on school campuses, because gang members can no longer distinguish themselves with logos, specific colors, or jewelry.

Personally, I went to schools that required uniforms from 6th through 12th grade, and I’m thankful for it. Though students in uniforms can’t express their personality through what they wear, that frees up their creativity to express themselves in more lasting ways like art, music, writing, and sports. As a former uniform-wearing student, I now have a portfolio full of paintings I made and no regrets that I didn’t get to wear my favorite band t-shirt to high school.

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