5 Reasons Pinnacle is the Best Video Editing Software

Fancy yourself a filmmaker? You don’t have to rely on pricey programs like iMovie to help you create the ultimate masterpiece. Actually, the best video editing software on the market right now is Pinnacle Studio 18. For less than 60 bucks, you’ll have access to 64 bit architecture that takes advantage of your PCs processing power and memory for super fast editing options. Read on for 5 other reasons Pinnacle Software is the only way to go for impressive video editing!

1. Fast set-up

Other programs have complicated set-ups before you can get started editing. However, Pinnacle lets you get right down to business by letting you easily import your videos and photos (from any device)! Then, you can organize them in your media library for easy access. If you’re using an iPad, you can work on projects in the Pinnacle Studio anywhere you go, then transfer your data to the Studio for more refinements. To make sure all of your files are in one spot, you can use the Project Packages to bundle your files together.

To get started, you just create your movie by dragging and dropping the media elements you want to use from the library into SmartMovie. You also have the option of using the Storyboard mode to create first drafts. No matter what course of action you need to take, you’ll enjoy faster multi-track rendering and efficient file handling with Pinnacle.

Need extra assistance? Pinnacle offers a 6-week, all-access pass to their StudioBacklot.tv with helpful training content and a royalty-free stock library.

2. Correct and enhance media

Once you have your project ready for enhancements, you can easily make all the changes you want with the Pinnacle software. You can clean up your clips by cropping, panning, or zooming in at any part of your movie. For traditional editing, you can set source clip trim in/out points or use 6-tracks to use picture-in-picture or multi-layer effects - all in HD and with perfect frame accuracy.

To keep all of your changes organized, you can rate your clips, photos, or music in the library - which makes it super easy to find and reuse later. All of the tricks of the trade are available to you with Pinnacle - eliminate red-eyes from photos, equalize and clean up audio, color-correct video, and even stabilize shaky footage. All the great filmmaking tools are at your disposal!

3. Combine audio and video

It can be tricky to edit your movie with other programs. But with Pinnacle, multi-layer editing lets you combine up to 6 audio and video tracks. You can even create custom-fit soundtracks with Scorefitter - they offer an entire library of royalty-free songs and sounds. You can even adjust them to fit perfectly within your movie! Other music options are available through Triple Scoop Music, including 17 additional royalty-free music tracks. It’s also simple to edit videos with rotation tools and to add titles or overlay graphics. You can easily create the perfect effects by setting the length of duration for your graphics as well.

4. Add cool effects

A true master filmmaker knows the importance of added effects in the finished product. Pinnacle gets this too - they have over 1,500 2D and 3D effects for you to use! These effects also include animated titles and transitions. You can even utilize the Montage templates with preset themes (like weddings, holidays, comics, or sports).

Want a truly professional looking movie? Pinnacle Studio helps you create animations and fast-motion effects just like you’d see in a big-budget film. You can even superimpose people into scenes using a green screen effect! Whatever look you’re going for, Pinnacle can help you achieve it!

5. Share your media

Once you’re done creating your incredible movie, you’ll want to share it with everyone you know. Pinnacle can make that happen - you can share your HD and 3D videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. You can even make a DVD for your family and friends. Your movie will also be compatible with tons of popular formats, including Adobe Flash, MPEG-4, and DivX, and on devices like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, and Apple iPads.

So, if you want to bring out all of your creative flair, buy the Pinnacle Studio 18 program. You can even get some impressive savings when you use a discount code at checkout! Now, get to making the movie you’ve always wanted to create!

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