5 Reasons to Ask Santa for an HP Chromebook 11

Get out your Christmas lists, folks. Because the highly anticipated HP Chromebook 11 is out and it’s just begging to be purchased, wrapped, and placed under your tree with a shiny bow on top. It’s such a smart purchase for any well-connected internet resident. 

Here’s five reasons why.

1. It’s affordable.

You know how you’ll see a computer that you desperately need for work or school or leisure, and it has the price listed with “starting at” hovering above it? And then you get it in your cart and you discover that you need to make about 30 more decisions about system add-ons? By the time you’re ready to checkout, your beloved new toy costs twice the “starting at” amount.

Not the case with the HP Chromebook. The starting price is $279.99, and unless you’re looking to buy accessories and/or a warranty with it, that’s the amount you’ll pay. Plus, combined with these unbeatable HP coupons, it’s a steal.

2. It’s gorgeous.

The look is sleek and its light weight makes for outstanding portability. Weighing in at only 2.3 lbs, with an 11-inch screen, a solid white with blue accents design, and a resolution of 1366 x 768, this baby is physical and visual dream.

3. It’s got apps for days.

Access to the Chrome app store means thousands of web apps to choose from!

4. It has automatic updates so you never need to DIY.

“Please update. Please close out of all other programs. Please restart your computer.”

Nope. None of that. Because you aren’t storing full programs on here, there’s no need to update anything manually. The Chromebook comes with automatic OS, security, and app updates that you won’t have to fuss with.

5. It’s great as a main computer, or a back up.

Because of the cloud-based OS, everything is stored in Chrome. Your files, documents, etc. They won’t take up space and slow down your system. If you’re a household with multiple computers, and if one of those computers is reaching retirement age, it’s great to have a Chromebook available if you find yourself unexpectedly without a computer.

It’s also great as a main system for someone that does everything on the internet. If all of your music, documents, and media files are already stored online, then what more do you need?

Ask Santa for your very own Chromebook. Oh, and make sure you’re “good” and all that between now and Christmas Day. Don’t want to chance it, you know?

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