5 Reasons To Get a WEWOOD Wooden Watch

Tired of pulling out your phone just to check the time? Stop wasting your battery life reaching into your pocket whenever you need to know the time. Go old-school and get yourself a watch!

For those of you who don’t remember life before phones – a wristwatch is a non-smart and often non-digital version of an Apple Watch that tells you the time (and date if you’re lucky). It’s like the clock on your grandma’s wall or Flavor Flav’s necklace, except that goes on your wrist. People used to wear them all the time. And, guess what? They’re coming back.

Thinking about getting a watch? I recently picked up a WEWOOD Alpha Chocolate wooden watch and here’s 5 reasons you should too:

1) Wooden Watches Are In

Watches are back in style. More than 4-times as many people are searching for watches online than they were in 2007. Check out how frequently people search for the word “watch” online over the past ten years:

What’s more – wooden watches are starting to catch fire as they have steadily grown in popularity. They were virtually unknown in 2005 and have grown in popularity steadily since.

Even with popularity steadily rising, you can get in on the trend ahead of the curve. The overall demand for wooden watches is much lower than metal or plastic styles allowing you to get your hands on one (or, in as it were) before everyone else does.

2) WEWOOD Wooden Look Great

WEWOOD’s first watch was designed in the fashion-mecca of Florence, Italy back in 2010. Today, WEWOOD carries over 70 different men and women’s styles and they all have something that makes them special.

WEWOOD makes their watches primarily from reclaimed scrapwood from around the world providing an array of colors and textures to choose from. Select between dark African Blackwood, beige Chinese Maple, chocolate Indian Rosewood, and other gorgeous woods.

My Alpha Chocolate is primarily made from Indian Rosewood, which I love. It is a deep brown with warm undertones. You can faintly see swirling shades of color in the grain of the band. The face is inset with a slightly lighter wood providing a great contrast to the band and easy-to-read face. It feel light on my wrist and looks great. Take a look for yourself:

I chose the Alpha design because of it’s simplicity and large face. However, other watches in the collection provide more intricate designs, a range of sizes, and additional features. Take a look at their collection and pick the best for you.

3) WEWOOD Watches are Eco-Friendly

In just 5 years since launching in 2010, WEWOOD has planted over 400,000 through partnerships with the nonprofit organizations “American Forests” and “Trees For The Future.” The company plans to reach 1 million trees planted by 2020. Take a look at where they have been able to help deforestations so far:

To help reach their goal, WEWOOD plants a tree for every watch sold. You can proudly wear your watch as a reminder of the good works they are doing. Actually, with all the attention you get wearing them, WEWOOD watches serve as conversation-starters about living sustainably and supporting reforestation.

4) WEWOOD Uses High Quality Parts

By using scrapwood, WEWOOD can afford to use the highest-quality wood at a low-cost. Additionally, WEWOOD utilizes premium Miyota parts for the watch mechanics. By working with one of the most trusted watch companies in the world to power their watches, WEWOOD can focus on their passion – the woods. To ensure quality, each watch is assembled in house and undergoes testing before shipping out.

As a word to the wise, high-quality does not mean the same thing as durable. Unlike metal or plastic watches, wood watches (all – not just WEWOOD) are prone to breaking. Be careful not to strike your watch or put pressure on the joints in the band. I managed to break my band the first day I owned it. Luckily, I was able to replace the broken parts with links I removed while sizing the watch – but the lesson was not lost on me.

5) WEWOOD Watches Make Great Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, an acoustic guitar player, nature enthusiast, or a dare-to-be different fashion type – WEWOOD watches make great gifts. Not ready to pick out a watch for a friend? Not to worry, WEWOOD also makes durable, eco-friendly, cotton sunglasses. Take a peek at some of what they offer:

What are you waiting for? Find the latest WEWOOD coupons and save big when you order a new watch.

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