5 Reasons to Head to New England This Fall

New England might not be the ideal travel destination during the humid summer months, or the seemingly never-ending winter. But when it comes to Autumn, New England is your dream destination. And here are five reasons why.

1. The scenery

From mid-September to late October, the leaves change to dramatic shades of red and orange. Pick any rural street to stroll down and you’ll think you’re trapped in a painting. But in the best way possible. Long drives through the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire are a must for optimal scenic viewing.

2. The food

While on your long drive, make sure to stop at any apple orchards you come across. The apple picking experience isn’t just about the apples. If you pick a bag of your own, you’ll find your reward in the main shop, as most orchards make their own hot apple cider, homemade donuts, and delicious maple candy. Maple candy is a local treasure that I didn’t fully appreciate until I moved away. It’s basically a block of sugar held together by pure maple syrup, and in the shape of a maple leaf. Break off a chunk and drop it on your tongue. It will literally melt in your mouth. Heaven.

3. The accents

There’s something rugged and beautiful about the New England / Boston accent. I’m not going to encourage eavesdropping, but if you come across one, take some time to enjoy it. ‘R’s are ‘Ah’s and wicked is used to describe almost everything. Not ‘wicked’ as in evil, ‘wicked’ is used as ‘extreme.’ Ex: “That car (cahh) is going wicked fast on the ‘93 South.” Or, “A-Rod is a wicked terrible excuse for a baseball player.” There, now you’re ready for conversations with the locals.

4. The weather

Hoodie weather, I love you. Cool, crisp, and comfortable, fall weather in New England is the inspiration for all back-to-school fashion designs, ads, seasonal cards, etc., because it’s just that perfect. Okay, that was my hometown love taking over and exaggerating a bit, but I wouldn’t be shocked if that were really the case. Seriously though, go grab a pumpkin latte from Dunkin Donuts and soak it all in.

5. The history

Get a gorgeous look at the city Boston via the historic Freedom Trail. Or head over to Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in the country and home to New England’s true love, the Red Sox. If you’re in the area around Halloween, head to Salem, Mass. to dig a little deeper into the haunting history of the Salem Witch Trials. And every state offers museum tours, scenic drives, and locations featured in movies and shows.

Fall is right around corner and Hotels.com always has excellent last-minute travel deals. Because New England is such a small cluster of states, you can book your hotel in say, New Hampshire and take a fairly short drive down to Connecticut (about three hours) if you’re looking to sightsee. There’s so much to see and do in the area, so make sure you use a Hotels.com coupon code when you book. Your money is much better spent on apple cider and maple candy anyway.

Enjoy, and GO SOX.

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