5 Reasons to Love Dogeared Jewelry

I’m always on the hunt for unique jewelry that doesn’t cost me a ton of cash. When I came across the Dogeared website, I fell in love with their pieces. It can be challenging to find dainty, subtle jewelry, but Dogeared has a whole slew of them (everything from necklaces and rings to bracelets and earrings). Here are just 5 of the reasons I’ll be spending my next paycheck at Dogeared.

1. Huge Selection of Items Under $50

You never have to overspend on gorgeous jewelry at Dogeared. Most of their merchandise is available for less than 50 bucks, so you’re getting high-quality pieces without a high price tag. I’m currently obsessed with the gold-dipped Elephant Ring for just $38 and the Healing Gem Necklace.

2. Personalized Necklaces

Not everyone’s taste is the same, so it only makes sense that you should have the opportunity to create your own personalized jewelry. Dogeared allows you to choose from a variety of chains, and then you can pick your favorite charms (they have a gigantic selection!). It’s that easy to customize your own unique look!

3. Free Shipping

You can stock up your shopping cart with tons of great pieces of jewelry, and never have to worry about paying for shipping! That’s right - every order qualifies for free shipping at Dogeared, regardless of the order size.

4. Tons of Coupon Codes

Even though the jewelry at Dogeared is definitely affordably priced, I can never pass up more ways to save! Dogeared frequently offers great promotions (like $10 off an order of $100 or more). You can also get 15% off your next purchase, just by signing up for their email newsletter!

5. Jewelry with a Message

Most of the Dogeared jewelry comes with special messages (like this Karma Necklace, which reminds the wearer to stay positive). Each card has a different theme, like “Good Luck,” “Guardian Angel,” and “Friendship,” making them ideal gifts for your family and friends. If you’re buying jewelry for yourself, it’s more fun to wear something that has a special meaning to you. For example, I’m thinking of getting the California Necklace to show off my home-state love.

So, get shopping at Dogeared today! I know I can’t wait to fill my jewelry collection with their awesome (inexpensive) pieces!

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