5 Reasons To Say YES To A Last Minute Vacation

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If you didn’t already plan a summer vacation, you might think your chances for getting away this summer are gone. Wrong! A little last minute vacation never hurt anyone, and in fact I think it’s a great idea. Personally, this week I was able to take a last minute vacation across the country for under $300. Here five solid reasons you should treat yourself to a last-minute vacation this summer:

1.You probably deserve it.

I bet you’ve been working your tail off all spring. You deserve to relax a little! Too much stress isn’t healthy, and too much of the same routine can make you start to feel bored with life. A spontaneous vacation is the perfect way to spice up your schedule for a weekend and get some well-earned relaxation time.

2. Life is short.

When your time comes, you’re certainly not going to look back on your life and think, I wish I had worked more! You never know when that day could be, though, so seize the days you have and go do something memorable. If there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to go or something you’ve been wanting to try, make it happen this summer.

3. There are good hotel deals.

Did you know hotels are actually a lot cheaper if you book them last minute? Because hotels want to fill all their rooms on any given night, if there are still unreserved rooms they drop the prices to encourage more people to stay and fill the rooms. You can find really great last minute hotel deals at Hotels.com for up to 50% off their regular price, sometimes even more.

4. Flights aren’t as expensive as you think.

Sure, you probably have to be willing to fly a redeye or an inconveniently early flight, but if you want to take a last minute vacation the flights are probably not going to be quite as pricey as you think. I was able to find tickets between LA and Boston for less than $300 and only 4 days before traveling, so it can be done! Use a site like Cheapair or Kayak to search for deals, and then make sure you apply a coupon code to save a bit more.

5. Spontaneity is underrated.

The truth about last minute travel is that you have to be flexible. Tickets to your dream destination might be pricey, but you might find a great deal on tickets to somewhere you’ve never really considered going. Be spontaneous! You never know, you may discover your new favorite vacation destination just by trying something new with your last minute getaway.

A fun way to decide where to go is to use Kayak’s map search option. It shows you the prices for tickets to different destinations on a map, so you can see what falls within your price range. Pick a spot on the map and pack your bags!

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