5 Reasons to Try the New PowerDirector 12 Software From CyberLink

Those of you who dream of one day becoming the next Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino should get excited. Your goals are now much easier to grasp. CyberLink has just released PowerDirector 12, which is the fastest video editing software on the market today. And there are so many other incredibly innovative features as well. 

Here are five reasons to give it a try.

1. Multicam Editing

Shots captured on multiple cameras can now be edited and blended together. Using the best camera angles, you’re now able to use up to four and make the transitions seamless.

2. Audio Track Syncing

Speaking of using multiple cameras, you can also synchronize tracks by audio, or time code. Using hotkeys, you can easily create multiclip track recording.

3. Green Screen

If you film in front of a green or blue sheet, you can now merge with other backdrops just like in the movies!

4. Theme Designer

Using photos or videos, you can now add them into the theme designer to create 3D animated slideshows. There are over 30 animated design templates to choose from, and it’s a blast to play around with the different options.

5. Motion Blur

The next step in motion animation is the blurring effect. It enriches the sense of speed of an object and makes it look like real motion. Probably my favorite feature of all.

Now, let me be clear that just because you buy this software, doesn’t mean you’ll become the next Spielberg or Tarantino. But you’re certainly that much closer to make a career in movie making a reality. These are just a few of the 400 built-in effects available on this program. The skills you’ll learn using this software more than pay for themselves. And to make the savings even sweeter, make sure you include a CyberLink discount code at checkout!

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