5 Reasons to Welcome the End of the World

It’s kind of trendy to plan for the end of the world, isn’t it? With the onslaught of supernatural characters on film and TV, it seems we’ve just arrived at that level of concern for the unknown. How else would we be able to compete with supernatural beings anyway? They might be able to fly, live forever, and read people’s minds, but you know what? Humans can plan. We can plan with the best of them. And plan we have.

The end of the world might seem like a scary concept, probably because it’s the most extreme unknown possible. If it’s even possible? But, if you’re one of the lucky ones to see the end of the world and survive, here are five things that’ll put your glass back to half-full.

1. No More Taxes

I would assume the IRS would take a break from chasing unpaid taxes if the world ended. Red tape like this will be moved to the backburner. And you can also jump for joy over the other irritating things about life that’ll no longer be in your way. Lines at the DMV, the pressure of picking out the perfect greeting card for every occasion, lines at the post office, lines at amusement parks. You need people to make long lines, and since there won’t be many people, you guessed it - NO LINES. Thanks, apocalypse!!

2. Less Distractions, More Nature

Family time is now spent by sitting in the same room while you play on your own gadgets and smart toys. Not post-apocalypse. You’ll have no choice but to do pretty much everything together. Starting a fire, cooking meals, defending your turf against zombies and poachers, all must be done as a team, as survival is not recommended as a solo endeavor.

3. Fashion Takes a Backseat to Function

Take a quick trip back in time to all of the fashion trends that you were either too scared to try, or the ones that you tried and failed miserably with. Now forget them. There are no runways in the wild, folks. Unless you plan to use them as a weapon, you’ll never have to look at those uncomfortable heels again. End of the world clothing is all about warmth and function. Impress the group with your knowledge on survival tactics from movies and TV instead.

4. LOST Quotes Become Relevant Again

Yes, give me a new reason to talk about LOST, please. It might not have been the end of the world for Jack and crew, but the way they lived was great practice. In fact, if you find any of the LOST cast roaming around your post-apocalyptic neighborhood, welcome them with open arms. Especially if it’s John Locke with his collection of knives. “Live together, die alone.”

5. If You Come Prepared, You’ll Be Set

Take warm socks, leave the vacuum. Take a raincoat, leave your cell phone charger. These are easy packing decisions when you’re planning for the end of humanity, electricity, and the Twitter-verse. But what exactly will you need beyond the first day? Beyond day two? What if someone gets injured? What if that someone is you? You don’t know when or how you will find additional supplies, so you have to be prepared. Nitro-Pak has got your back. (Unintentional rhyme, I swear.) From survival candles that last over 36 hours, to tactical surgical kits, to packaged non-perishable food packs fit for big groups to last multiple days, Nitro-Pak has got it all.

So order your Nitro-Pak kit today and get ready for the end of the world. As long as you use a Nitro-Pak coupon code, I assure you, you’ll feel fine.

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