5 Reasons We Love the Microsoft Surface

The Surface is brilliant and here’s why. There are actually way more than five reasons we love it, but these are the biggies. Before that, the ultimate reason we like it is that it does what it says it does: watch and download HD video, take photos, email, surf, create docs and presentations, play games, and more. If your PC or smartphone can do it, chances are so can the Surface. Plus, it’s  built like a rock, feeling way more solid and sturdy that the light weight would make you think.

1. Price. Look at all the Surface does, then compare. You’re getting the bang of a tablet, notebook, and even a laptop for way less buck. Use a Microsoft Store Promo Code to get an even better deal.

2. Functionality. Surface allows you to split the screen so you can view email while browsing the web. The built-in kickstand lets you set it down at the perfect angle for watching video and Skyping. The touchscreen works great, looks great, and is easy to organize and personalize.

3. Compatibility. Surface interfaces with your PC perfectly. It’s easy to sync data and use SkyDrive to copy content. It has a built-in Micro-HDMI port that lets it serve as an additional display and a USB 2.0 port so you can plug in an external hard disk or flash drive.

4. Writing. You can use Microsoft Word 2013 in Surface and it has an actual keyboard. Both big pluses, showing it’s built for doing actual work and not merely for play. It hasOffice 2013, which speaks for itself. Hard to do much of anything besides watch videos without that.

5. Sharing. Other people can create their own accounts and use an Xbox Live or Microsoft ID for customized settings and files, leaving your settings untouched. The dual front and rear facing cameras look crisp and clear and allow you to capture action and share it whenever it’s happening without having to be a contortionist.

Make sure to go to our Microsoft Store Promo page before you go to the Microsoft Store to check out the many configurations and accessories they offer for the Surface. It will save you big on all those extras: different colors, different types of keyboards, memory, cases, adapters, etc. – whatever best suits you, they’ve got it. One final, simple note: The Surface just looks so damn cool! It is THE aesthetically pleasing, computational workhorse for all of your on-the-go lifestyle needs.

By: Peter

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