5 Reasons We Love The Toshiba Satellite Laptop

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We don’t usually like to brag and gush too much, but there’s just something about the Toshiba Satellite series laptops that brings out the romantic in us. They’re so sleek, so powerful, and so affordable – who wouldn’t go a little weak in the knees? If you’ve never heard of the Satellite laptop, or if you have but you still need convincing, let us count the ways we love it:

1. Tons of Choices

The Satellite series laptops have no less than 7 sub-series: the Satellite C, CL15, L, S, P, Click, and Radius. You can choose exactly the amount of power, speed, and memory you want your laptop to have. Some laptops even offer free memory and processor upgrades. Screen sizes on Satellite laptops range from 12.5” to 17.3,” so you won’t lack choices there, either. Whether you want a big screen to watch your favorite movies, or a laptop with a small profile that’s easy to carry around, Satellite is your choice.

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2. Versatility

Within the Satellite family, the Satellite Click and Satellite Radius are two of the most versatile laptops on the market today. The screen of the Click can detach from the keyboard, so you have a tablet when you want one and a laptop when you’d rather that. When detached, the screen of the Satellite Click is a fully-functional tablet with an HD touchscreen display.

The Satellite Radius is another surprisingly flexible laptop – in fact it can bend around a full 360º! It can work as a regular laptop, or you can stand it up to give a presentation, lay it flat on the table, or fold it up to use it as a tablet. Flexibility is so important in a healthy relationship, and this one of the many reasons we love you, Toshiba Satellite!


3. Affordability

Starting at just $249, Satellite laptops are nothing if not affordable. Even the premium P series Satellite laptops start at just $799. Plus, Toshiba is always offering great deals and discounts on Satellite series laptops, from component rebates and instant savings to coupon codes and weekly specials. If you’re looking for the perfect laptop on a budget, Satellite is here to sweep you off your feet with affordability.

4. Speed & Power

Just because you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a Satellite laptop doesn’t mean you have to compromise on power. Oh, no, the Satellite wouldn’t treat you so bad. Even the L series laptops, which start at only $399, can come with Intel i5 processors and up to 1TB of memory. These laptops have all the power you need for work, entertainment, multitasking, and opening up all the Chrome tabs your little heart desires, all at the same time.


5. Touchscreen!

It’s 2015, if you don’t have a touchscreen then you’re lagging behind! Is anyone surprised that our beloved Satellite laptops also have touchscreen capabilities? ~Swoon~ And it’s not just the Satellite Click and Radius that have touchscreens, Satellite laptops from the L series up can have touchscreen capabilities. Trackpads are for losers, anyway.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but the Toshiba Satellite laptop has definitely stolen our hearts. If you decide to say yes to and start your life together with the Satellite, make sure you use one of our promo codes to get an even better deal. 

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