5 Reasons You Need Vision Insurance

Health care costs can definitely make a huge dent in your budget. It’s easy to shrug off some insurance options if they lower the amount you’re spending. However, there are some significant reasons you shouldn’t skip vision insurance. Keeping your eyes healthy is essential to your overall wellness, and vision insurance can help lower your costs - paying out of pocket for these expenses can be a nightmare! Read on for the 5 reasons you need vision insurance!

1. Save money on exams.

Paying for an eye exam on your own could cost you as much as $152 out of pocket. Eye doctors recommend you get one at least once a year, so that’s quite a bit of money to spend up-front. However, if you have insurance through a company like VSP Direct, you could pay as little as $15 for an exam.

2. Cut costs on frames and contact lenses.

If you need glasses or contact lenses, you’ll be able to save a ton of money if you have VSP vision insurance. An average pair of frames costs around $150, plus $84 for single vision lenses. With insurance, you could end up spending only $25 for both the frames and lenses! There are also discounts available on anti-reflective coating, light-to-dark tinting, and impact-resistant lenses. VSP estimates that you could save around $244 a year just for purchasing a plan through them. Want to save even more money on your insurance? Use a coupon code at checkout!

3. Help protect your health.

It’s crucial to take care of your eyes in order to stay healthy. If you partake in regular yearly eye exams, your eye doctor can help detect serious conditions like diabetes (even if you’re not experiencing any other symptoms). Exams can also determine if you’re at a high risk for stroke, heart disease, or high blood pressure or cholesterol. You’ll also be able to keep your eyes healthy with screenings for macular degeneration and glaucoma.

4. Can help you save on extensive procedures.

Most vision plans won’t cover voluntary procedures, like LASIK, but VSP vision insurance does offer savings (as much as 15% off) for laser vision correction.

5. Choose from the best eye doctors.

Without insurance, you could be limited in the eye doctors who are willing to take you as a patient. If you’re insured, on the other hand, you’ll have an entire network of eye care providers to choose from. There are usually thousands of options to choose from, so all you have to do is find a provider located conveniently to you, and pay your copay. By going through an insurance provider, you’ll also be assured that you’re seeing a top-notch doctor that’s been vetted by the company.

Don’t be tempted to skip vision insurance - you could end up overpaying otherwise!

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