5 Reasons You Should Be Composting

Anyone who tries to be ‘green’ has heard about composting. But do you really know the benefits of the practice? Here’s a look at just 5 of the reasons you should be composting food scraps for your garden.

1. Reduces the amount of waste you produce.

Composting is the ultimate in recycling efforts. By composting your food scraps, you can significantly limit the amount of waste you produce. Food scraps normally end up in landfills or are incinerated - both of which lead to emission problems, global warming, and other climate crises. You can’t really say you care about the environment if you’re contributing tons of waste every year, so composting can definitely help you with your carbon footprint.

2. Helps keep plants healthy.

By using composted materials in your garden, you’ll help your flowers and plants grow stronger and remain healthy. Adding mulch to your yard can actually help prevent plant diseases. It also reduces the likelihood that your garden will be overtaken by insects and other pests.

3. Allows you to quit paying for fertilizer.

Composting can actually save you money too! Think of how much money you spend on fertilizer, soil, and anti-pest products. Composting your food scraps instantly eliminates the need to spend cash on all of those items - meaning composting will make you and your wallet super happy!

4. Makes your fruits and veggies taste better.

The fruits and veggies you grow with your composted soil will taste so much better, because they will have been grown completely naturally! You might not know all of the ingredients that come in the fertilizer you buy at the store, so you can rest easy knowing that your compost is 100% natural and pesticide free.

5. Provides a cheap landscaping option.

Instead of paying for extra soil or fertilizer, you can sprinkle some of your composting materials around your yard. It can easily act as an inexpensive landscaping option for your yard or garden.

So, if this list has convinced you it’s time to start composting, it’s pretty easy to get started. The Ecotonix Green Cycler (available at Home Depot) is a convenient appliance that can sit on your countertop in the kitchen or pantry. It’s completely mess-free to use, and is guaranteed to shred nearly every food scrap you can think of! The easy-to-use machine means you can create a compost mixture up to 10 times faster than if you were doing it by hand.

You can save on the $99 price tag by using a coupon at checkout, or you can enter the Dollar Stretcher’s awesome giveaway to win one of your very own!

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