5 Reasons You Should Never Buy Another Textbook

You can go your entire college career without buying a textbook. No, we’re not suggesting you skip studying in favor of that epic party. Actually, there are plenty of ways to get your textbooks without purchasing them. You can find cheap textbook rentals online on sites like CenageBrain, so you don’t have to buy costly textbooks each semester. Because let’s face it, after that chemistry class is over, you’ll never crack that book open again. Read on for 5 reasons why buying textbooks should be a thing of the past.

1. Renting books is cheaper.

Textbooks can be one of the most costly expenses you have as a student. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a book, check out all the cheap textbook rentals CengageBrain has to offer. You’ll end up paying far less for a book by just renting it, and you have complete freedom about the terms of your rental agreement. This means that you can determine exactly how long you need your book for; the options include 3 semesters (540 days), 2 semesters (270 days), 1 semester (130 days), 1 quarter (90 days), or a summer term (60 days). Although it costs more the longer you need the book, you’ll still be seeing major savings.

For example: let’s say you’re taking an Intro to Political Science course. The text, “Why Politics Matters” by Kevin Dooley, is available to purchase for $122.99 (and that’s already marked down from the regular list price of $144.95!). Instead of shelling out all that cash, you can rent the text for an entire quarter for just $90.99! That’s a savings of $53.96! Do you know how many pizzas you can buy for that amount?

CengageBrain allows you to reduce your costs even more with fantastic promotions (like a coupon for 25% off all print rentals!). So, really, you’d have to be super bad at math to think buying your textbooks makes sense!

2. You can access ebooks online.

Another easy way to save on textbooks is to access the ebook version of your text online. Not sure if ebooks are for you? Check out this post to read about all the benefits of ebooks. The main reason ebooks rock is the fact that you can save money by purchasing them versus the print version. CengageBrain has thousands of ebooks, so you don’t ever have to worry about finding the titles you need.

Don’t believe us about the savings? Look at this example: you have to take a writing course, and the required text is “The Writer’s Workplace” by Sandra and John Scarry. It costs $117.99 to purchase the text. However, if you rent the ebook for six months, it will only cost you $43.99. That’s a savings of $103.96!

With ebooks, you not only get to avoid lugging around heavy books, you can also save major moola. CenageBrain also offers coupons specifically for ebooks (like 10% off!).

3. You’ll get low-cost shipping on rentals.

If you decide to take advantage of the cheap textbook rentals at CengageBrain, you’ll only have to pay a low, flat-rate of $3.99 to get your books shipped to you. When you’re ready to return your textbooks, you’ll get charged another $3.99. Considering the savings you’ll get by renting, this is definitely a small price to pay!

However, don’t forget to check CouponPal for any current shipping promotions - CengageBrain sometimes offers free shipping discounts on rentals too! If you find these special discounts, you could snag free returns on your next rental.

4. You’ll have more space on your shelves.

Aside from all the money you’ll save by getting cheap textbook rentals, you’ll also notice how much more space you have on your shelves. Instead of buying boring textbooks and having them pile up in your room, you can rent your textbooks, and then simply send them back when you don’t need them anymore. Another bonus? You won’t have to look at that dreaded calculus book ever again!

5. You can use the money you save on other important purchases.

College is a super expensive endeavor. Aside from room and board or rent, you have tuition, student loans, food, entertainment, gas, and so many other things to pay for (really, we could keep listing things for awhile). So, imagine how good you’ll feel when you see how much money you’re saving by not buying textbooks! You could actually treat yourself to a meal other than Ramen or spend a night out with friends. Because after all the studying you’ll be doing, you deserve a reward!

Convinced that buying textbooks is a waste of money? Good - now you can rent in peace.

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