5 Reasons Your Body Wants You to Try a Cleanse

Toxins. They’re out to destroy us. Their mission is to undo all of our hard work when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. What are they, though? Do they even exist? Basically, they are comprised of preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial additives, excessive stress, and a constant attack of foreign chemicals. We’re exposed to these potentially harmful things every day.

Luckily, there’s a way fix the damage that toxins can cause. Cleansing is the answer! Looking to recharge? Want a fresh start for your insides? Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse. Your body would be your biggest fan if you gave Blessed Herbs’ cleanses a try. Here’s 5 reasons why.

1. Get more zzz’s

When you hit the sack and your body is full of toxins, your body will try to repair itself and rid your organs of the junk. Late-night detox shifts by your kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin disrupt sleep patterns. When you cleanse your colon, your body doesn’t need to exert itself trying to get it all out, and thus, your REM cycles will be full and disruption-free.

2. Crave less junk

When you eat junk, you crave more junk. It’s a vicious, unfair, never-ending cycle. Refined sugar, and excess fat and oil can send a signal to the brain much like heroin. The problem is, you can’t just stop eating. We’re humans and we need food to survive. Blessed Herbs’ Colon Cleanse can minimize body confusion that the bad ingredients in junk food can cause and give you a clean food slate.

3. Drop more L-B’s

When your junk food cravings are removed, you’re able to make healthier eating choices. It’s crazy how simple it sounds, eh? But it’s true. Weight loss might just be a cleanse away.

4. Boost that glow

Who likes acne? Nobody, anywhere, ever. The toxins that come from pesticides, chemicals and junk food can destroy clear skin and that can lead to premature aging. Cleaning your insides helps take care of your outsides too.

5. This is your brain on toxins

So, here’s something terrible. When you eat junk and your body isn’t able to process it properly, it rots in the body. The longer food sits in your body, the more toxins are released. And where do those toxins go first? The brain. The most important area of the body gets hit first. Give a Blessed Herbs cleanse a try, rid the body of this enemy and protect your brain from turning into a pile of dazed and confused mush.

Everyday can bring a fresh start to your body and your life. Who wouldn’t want that? Love your body and all of its parts by checking out the different cleanses on Blessed Herbs. Don’t forget to love your wallet too, and use a Blessed Herbs discount code!

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