5 Steps to Maximize Black Friday Savings

Blink twice and it will be Christmas Eve. How prepared are you?

Smart shoppers already know about the great deals being offered by retailers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to get shopping. Take these five simple steps to maximize your savings and carve out the best deals before it comes time to cut into the turkey.

1. Start Your Research

Finding a great deal starts with knowing what you’re looking for. I like to make a list of everyone I’m shopping for then brainstorm gift ideas. Pick a few options and look for different stores that carry those items. You never know just what products will go on sale, or which store will have the best discounts. The more options you keep open, the more opportunities you’ll have to find incredible deals.

2. Create a cart at your favorite stores

Cramming all your shopping into a few days is stressful. Visit your favorite stores now and create an account to get a head start. Most major stores will allow you to add items to a shopping cart and save it for later. That way, you can add and subtract items easily and wait for the best moment to complete the purchase. Instead of browsing through endless products on Black Friday, you can focus your time on finding the best price.

3. Make a budget

It’s easy to get swept away by all the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. Have a budget of what you can spend and find deals to stretch your dollar furthest. Turn it into a shopping game – the more sales you find, the more you can buy!

4. Look for coupons

Did you know that you can use coupon codes during seasonal sales? It’s a great way to double up on savings! Search CouponPal to see what stores have promotional codes. Bookmark the deal pages for the stores you’ll be shopping at to quickly find a coupon when you’re ready to make your purchase. CouponPal will be loading new offers throughout the holidays so be sure to check in order to find the latest deals.

5. Connect with us to get savings help

Follow CouponPal on Facebook and Twitter (@CouponPal) to find out about the latest trends and hottest offers. Need help with your holiday shopping? Message us with your questions and our experts will do everything possible to make your shopping the best experience imaginable. 

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