5 Things I Wish I Could’ve Saved From Old Computers

It’s probably safe to assume that most of us have our data protected at all times. Nowadays, it’s a pretty simple task to accomplish. Between cloud drives, Google docs, and for everything else – Carbonite, anything you’re looking to keep should be accounted for.

But what about all of the data we’ve left behind? I never know what to do with my saved data when I upgrade to a new computer. There’s always that grouping of files that’s like, “eh, will I ever really need this?"

For example, on my last computer, I paid for and downloaded the complete language guide for the Na’vi Tribe. Avatar had just come out (saw it seven times in the theater and even that wasn’t enough) and I was enchanted by their lifestyle. I do understand that they don’t actually exist, but a girl can geek out and dream.

I typically just save the important stuff (tax records, resumes, etc) and toss the computer with the unwanted data. Here are five things I wish I had saved.

1. Pictures

Between four and seven years ago, we were all still using digital cameras. Remember those? It wasn’t just a feature on your phone, it was a completely separate device. I think some people were still getting their pictures developed at the local superstore. Those of us who weren’t developing prints, were plugging our cameras into our computers and saving all of our pictures to our hard drives. There are hundreds of photos that I uploaded, deleted from my SD card, and then abandoned when a shinier new computer came along.

2. Old Chatroom Chats

I remember what life was like before the internet. I’m part of that strange generation that witnessed the evolution and explosion of a completely new way of life and as a result, feels entitled to constant, “when I was your age,” rants to kids just a few years younger than me.

When the internet became a thing, I discovered the shady nonsense that occurred in chatrooms. “A/S/L?” was the standard greeting to anyone you spoke to and it means, “age/sex/location?” And, guys? I never told the truth. I played the role of “Amber - 19/F/Cali,” far more often than I care to admit and I was only 15 at the time. And living in New Hampshire. Some conversations never went beyond the first greeting. Some did and turned into lengthy conversations about music taste and lifestyle. Nothing bad happened, although now I realize how easily it could have. It would just be funny to read them again.

3. Illegally Downloaded Music

Napster, Limewire – you name it and I had it. My pending queues were always full. And it was such a rush, burning a CD with music I didn’t pay for. Now if I went back and looked at those downloads I’d see a lot of Metallica, Creed, and Backstreet Boys. So I’d say I paid just the right amount.

4. Away Messages

AOL Instant Messenger was the next step in internet chatting. Chatrooms with strangers weren’t as cool as making up screen names (sk8boyy7, bunnyhunny2, and L84evrythin were some classics) and using the lyrics of the Dave Matthews Band to communicate your current emotional state. I had a whole file of preset away messages with lyrics and quotes saved on my computer. They were ridiculous.

5. Chain Emails

“Forward this to 23 people by the end of the day or you’ll have bad luck for the next three years!” Ah, the empty threats of chain emails. I miss those. I also miss the surveys that people would fill out about you and then send back. I definitely sent those to my old boyfriends and saved them to my hard drive. Just like love letters, those would’ve been fun to keep.

These are things I’ll never get back. And while most of them are silly, they did matter to me at the time. On my current computer and all future computers, my data has protection of Carbonite. It works in the background and updates throughout the day. With affordable packages and our unbeatable Carbonite discount codes, your data and your budget will receive the ultimate protection.

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