5 Things to Love About iCoffee

For coffee lovers, there’s nothing better than waking each morning to the smell of brewing java permeating throughout the house. But even the most savvy of coffee drinkers can end up with a coffee pot that just doesn’t fit their preferences. Most models only make a few cups or end up leaving the brew with a bitter aftertaste. Well, worshippers of the coffee bean can breathe a sigh of relief. iCoffee by Remington at Bed Bath and Beyond is the perfect product for those seeking a great cup of joe.

Here are just 5 of the reasons iCoffee is one of the best coffee makers around.

1. 12-Cup Functionality

While the Keurig might work for some people, real coffee devotees need more than just one measly mug. The iCoffee maker allows you to make up to 12 cups at a time. If you’re making coffee for a group, the Stop-drip system lets you brew, pause, and serve guests whenever you need to. There’s also a Brew View window, so you can actually watch the coffee brewing.

2. Innovative technology

iCoffee has tons of great features that you simply won’t find with other coffee makers. One of the best is the SteamBrew technology. Six rotational water jets work to evenly steam and stir the coffee grounds, resulting in a smooth brew (with no bitter aftertaste!). A digital control panel also lets you program times for when you’ll want your next cup. That means you can set the coffee for the night before, and wake up with your hot coffee already made!

3. Eco-Friendly

If you care about being green, iCoffee can help you be more environmentally-conscious. The product is made with a gold-tone filter, so you’ll never need paper filters again. Those filters can be totally wasteful since you just toss them in the trash (not to mention they’re expensive!). You’ll also be saving those paper Starbucks cups that you throw away, because you can make your coffee at home!

4. Great-tasting coffee

The previously mentioned SteamBrew feature allows you to brew fresh, rich coffee without any bitter residue. It also extracts all oils, so your coffee will only have the essential ingredients it needs to taste great.

5. Custom settings

There are many ways the settings on your iCoffee will make your life easier. The auto-start setting lets you sleep in later – you don’t have to spend time during your rushed morning trying to get your coffee made. There’s also an automatic shut-off in case you forget to hit that off button before you head off to work.

Stop overspending on Starbucks, and make an insanely-good cup of coffee at home with your iCoffee. Oh, and speaking of overspending, maximize your savings by using a Bed Bath and Beyond discount!

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