5 Things You Need for the Perfect Movie Night

Going to the movies these days can be a pretty expensive endeavor. You have to schlep to the theater (while paying for gas), shell out cash for pricey tickets, and then buy candy or popcorn priced at exorbitant amounts. So, instead of watching your wallet weep, why not throw a fun movie night from the comfort of very own your home? Then, you can chill out with your family, significant other, or a group of your besties without worrying about draining your bank account. Here are a few things you’ll need to create the perfect movie night!

1. Netflix subscription or Redbox rental

First, you’ll need to select a movie or two that you want to watch. You can snag a Redbox rental at the grocery store for a couple of bucks, or sign up for a Netflix subscription if you intend to do a lot of binge watching. You can find a subscription for unlimited streaming for as low as $7.99 a month! Want to be kind of sneaky? Sign up for the free one-month trial (that coincides with your movie night), and then cancel if you don’t want to pay for the rest of the subscription! (Just don’t tell anyone we suggested it!)

2. Projector

Don’t have a big-screen TV? No problem! There are plenty of ways to screen a movie nowadays even if you don’t have that giant flat-screen. A great option is to purchase a tablet, like Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet. It comes with an integrated projector that displays up to a 50” picture on any wall or ceiling - so you can create your very own movie screen! It also comes with an insanely good sound system (with JBL twin front-facing speakers, 5W bass subwoofer, and Dolby surround sound). Plus, the picture will look amazing because of the quad HD screen (with 2560x1440 resolution). You can even snag a discount on the tablet when you use a coupon code at checkout!

3. Snacks

Snacks are imperative for any kind of successful gathering. For the cheapest offerings, head to a dollar store for candy and popcorn. You can also check out your local warehouse store (like Costco or Sam’s Club) for deli trays or pre-made foods that will delight your guests and help fuel your marathon movie watching.

4. Drinks

One way to make your movie night a little more interesting? Start a drinking game during the movie (only play responsibly, please!). Watching an action movie? Take a drink every time there’s an explosion or car chase. Enjoying a romantic comedy? Imbibe when there’s an innocent misunderstanding that will definitely get resolved with the main characters falling in love. You’ll probably find the cheapest drinks at a warehouse store; you can buy in bulk and save some money at the same time! Oh, and if you’re watching with kids, you can still play the game with non-alcoholic beverages like chocolate milk or soda!

5. Cozy blankets

You want to make sure you’re providing the comfiest viewing area possible for your guests. So, stock up on cozy blankets and pillows that will make everyone wonder why they ever bother going out to the movies. Target has some great cozy throws at super low prices, so you can buy a few for all of your fellow movie-watchers to enjoy!

And remember: you don’t even need other people to have an ideal movie night! Just hunker down with some great flicks, and enjoy the fact that you’re not wrestling for an arm rest at the theater! Enjoy!

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