5 Things You Need in Case of a Zombie Apocalypse

As a fan of “The Walking Dead,” there have been many times I’ve watched the show and found myself thinking, “Wow, I would definitely not survive a zombie apocalypse!” For example, I don’t have any real practical skills, and therefore, would probably not be able to make it outdoors for long. Luckily, there are some supplies I can buy from Wise Food Storage that can give me some piece of mind in case a zombie apocalypse ever does actually befall us.

1. Essential Survival Kit

If you don’t have any hunting skills, you’ll be glad you purchased the Essential Survival Kit, which has enough food to help you get by for about a week. It also comes with some necessary items like a flashlight, waterproof matches, sleeping bags, a water filtration kit, and a portable stove. Even if the apocalypse doesn’t happen, this could be handy for a simple camping trip in the great outdoors!

2. Water Storage Tank

One of the things I’ve learned from “Walking Dead” is that water is extremely important (and not always easy to find). That’s why you need a Water Storage Tank in your backyard. This bad boy can hold 50 gallons of water in a 30” by 24” container. Fill it up, and never worry that you’ll be dehydrated when the zombies come calling. Plus, you can save on the $199.99 price tag with a Wise Food Storage coupon code!

3. Everlasting Garden

Think you might not get rescued for awhile? You’ll be glad you purchased the Preparedness Seeds Everlasting Garden Bucket before the apocalypse hit. All you need is a little land to plant over 16 varieties of food to help keep you fed (including cabbage, carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes). You can easily store these seeds until you’re ready to use them - they’ll last in their packages for up to 4 years. They’re also non-hybrid and non-GMO, so you don’t have to worry about pesky chemicals - even in the end of days.

4. 12-Month Food Supply

Not interested in going out and hunting your food? (I don’t think I’d be very handy with a crossbow). Wise Food Storage has tons of options for food supplies that you can simply keep in your garage until you need them (they have a 25 year shelf life!). Their 720 Serving Package would last up to a year for one person at 2 servings a day. It also comes with delicious meal options like lasagna, beef stroganoff, and baked potato casserole. So, you can be well-fed even in an emergency!

5. Hunters Survival Kit

Worried about surviving in the wild? This Hunters Survival Kit was developed with help from government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations, so you can be sure it comes with plenty of essential supplies, including emergency glow sticks and candles, a 65-piece deluxe first aid kit (absolutely critical in case of zombie bites), and survival sleeping bags. You can also keep warm with a 16-20 hour body warmer and a poncho with a hood. If you have some MacGyver skills, the kit also comes with duct tape, nylon rope, and a 16-function Swiss Army knife.

Okay, let’s say there’s no chance of a true zombie apocalypse. All of these items are still great to purchase to be prepared for any kind of disaster, like earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes. Just visit the Wise Food Storage website, and stock up on anything you or your family might need to outlast any kind of danger. It’s always better to be prepared, right?

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