5 Tips to Save $$$ on Home Improvement

If your home is your castle, shouldn’t it be the finest, attractive, most functional castle you can make it? But alas, remodeling can be very expensive – have you priced putting in a moat lately? Ridiculous. Nonsense aside, there are many ways to improve your home and not go broke doing it. Here are five that we think make a whole lot of sense, are doable, practical, and realistic.

1. Do-It-Yourself Whenever Possible:

Any contractor who even picks up a hammer in your house is going to charge you for labor. You never charge yourself. Plus, since you’re doing the buying of the materials, you can be positive you’re getting them for the lowest price available.

With all of the educational resources and “How To’s” just mouse clicks away these days, it’s possible to get step-by-instructions on completing most any project, large or small. Of course, don’t bite of more than you can chew (and safety always comes first), but do some research, build you confidence and get to it. To give you an idea of the kind of guidance that’s out there, here’s a quick video on how to restore and remove scratches from stainless steel appliances:

Besides just the money you’ll save, DIY has many other advantages: Learning, knowing that the job’s been done right, the joy of creating something, and a sense of achievement, ownership, and empowerment. So, in addition to saving money on the remodel, DIY can be a real self-esteem builder – potentially saving you a fortune on therapy.

Finally, should you need to file a complaint about some work that was done, you’ll know exactly who to blame.

2. Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better:

This is especially true when it comes to the economics of home improvement. Instead of knocking out a wall to add more square footage to your kitchen, consider making the most of the space that is already there. Install efficient and space-saving shelves and cabinets, for example. Mount anything that can reasonably be mounted instead of having it on the ground. Putting in bench or booth seating along a wall or in a corner is also a great way to save space while giving any kitchen or breakfast nook a unique and trendy touch.

3. Use Coupons:

For instance, a discount for a bathtub from Signature Hardware can save you almost $3000. There are coupons, specials, and deals out there for almost anything you could need for any project from start to finish. Sure, we’re big fans of this one but for good reason - it works! All it takes is a little searching. You’ll be amazed at what you find, and end up saving a bundle.            

4. Donate Your Debris:

It turns out that most of your house is reusable, so, let it be reused instead of ending up in a landfill. Give Habitat for Humanity a call and they’ll come and remove anything you’re getting rid of that can be resold or re-purposed. Besides the money you get from a tax deduction, you’re helping out the planet as well.

5. Schedule Your Remodel Wisely:

There are high and lows when it comes to contractors’ availability. Like any business, they have a peak season where they’re very busy, and other times of the year when they’re not. Schedule your remodel when they’re not and you’ll get a better deal because they need the work. The peak seasons tend to be in the summer, and between September and Xmas. Plan accordingly to keep more money in your pocket.

Again, don’t let your dream renovation become a money-pit. It certainly doesn’t have to be, and with a little thought, some sound planning, and your own elbow grease, it won’t be.

By: Peter

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