5 Trends That Reveal the Future of Toshiba Computers

Apple just announced a new iPhone model and watch, but Toshiba is really the brand that is revolutionizing the tech industry. They’re truly changing the game with tablets, laptops, and 2-in-1s that make it easy to carry your tech with you wherever you go. Here are 5 trends that show how Toshiba is going to keep blowing away your expectations!

1. Thin and lightweight design

Long gone are the days when you had to be chained to your desk with a heavy desktop that weighed a ton. The world is truly wireless these days, which means your tech is completely portable.

For a super lightweight tablet, check out the Encore Mini that only weighs 12.5 ounces with a 7 inch screen. The Satellite Click 2 only weighs 4.85 pounds when it’s connected to a keyboard dock. If you need a laptop, the Radius starts at just 4.9 pounds. So, you have plenty of options that can help you easily transport your tablet or laptop around.

2. Built-in features and apps

Toshiba makes sure every one of their products comes with the very best features and apps. The Encore tablet comes with ultrafast WiFi, which allows you to stream music and movies. You can also avoid wires with the Bluetooth 4.0. The Encore 2 is preloaded with apps, like Xbox Music and Video, the Kindle Reader, and Skype. If you want to buy more apps, you can purchase tons of new ones from the huge selection at the Windows Store. The Click 2 also allows you to stream HD video with superfast speeds. All of the Toshiba products come with the latest version of Windows 8 as well.

3. Easy-to-use touchscreens

Remember when you used to rely on a mouse to navigate your computer? Now, touchscreens make things a whole lot easier. the Click 2 comes with a 13.3” diagonal, IPS HD touchscreen (1366x768) - the screen is a log bigger than other tablets. It also has a 10-point multi-touch control.

If you want a smaller screen, the Encore 2 has a 10.1 inch Trubrite IPS multi-touch display - even though the screen is a tad smaller, you’ll still get amazing visuals for your games, movies, books, and more.

Many laptops also come with touchscreens now, but the Radius model is definitely the best. It has a 15.6” widescreen, 10-point multi-touch support, In-Plane Switching (IPS) support, a FHD LED Backlit touchscreen display, and is WiDi Ready. The screen also has a display resolution of 16:9 aspect ratio, 1920X1080, and supports 1080p content.

4. Long battery life

Most other brands still require you to charge your tablet or laptop after not much usage. Toshiba, on the other hand, offers the Radius laptop, which can last up to 8 hours without a charge. An even better option is the Encore tablet - you can go up to 11 full hours without needing to plug in! The Click 2 model also offers a USB Sleep-and-Charge option; you can power your smartphone, tablet, and other USB-based portables even when your PC is off.

5. Convertible

The future of Toshiba computers is definitely in 2-1 - because everyone loves more variety! With the Encore 2, you can easily attach a keyboard to your tablet. The Click 2 allows you to stretch your dollar further, since you can use it as a full-featured laptop, or detach the touchscreen and take the tablet with you. These features mean you have double the functionality (even though you’re just paying for one device!). It’s totally easy and convenient to switch back and forth!

Want to know the future of the tech world? Look no farther than Toshiba for these awesome products!

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