5 Tricks to Staying Motivated During Your Workout

Some days you feel like a ninja, and some days you feel like sloth. On our sloth-like days, pushing through a workout can be torture. And there’s no shame in that. We’re not machines. We’re bound to have days where motivation is hard to come by. But since 30 minutes of exercise per day is the standard minimum for optimal health, we need to find ways to dig a little deeper and log that time.

Since quitting halfway through is not an option, because you are not a quitter and YOU CAN DO IT, here are five helpful tips to get you to push through your workout.

1. Playlists

Music is your first weapon of defense against decreasing motivation. There are certain songs that’ll just push you. Get you to run faster, dig deeper, go farther. Put your workout playlist on shuffle so you never know what’s coming. Your power songs will pop up unexpectedly and you’ll have no choice but to give it your all.

2. Distractions

If you have a gym membership or a home gym, you can multitask during your workout. Some trainers will say that if you’re able to read a book or watch tv during your workout, you’re not working hard enough. And I would agree. BUT, if you just need to get that 30 minutes in and the only way to stay consistent with it is to do something you enjoy that makes the time go by faster, then just do whatever you need to do. Maybe we should be encouraging everyone to enjoy exercise before we tell them what’s not good enough, eh?

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3. Revenge Fantasies

The best revenge is living well, right? And maybe picturing your ex-boyfriend’s jaw on the floor the moment he sees the new svelte you isn’t the healthiest motivator to use, but whatever. We all have personal and emotional strings attached to our fitness goals, so why not put them to good use? If that’s what it takes to get you to up the incline or run for another five minutes, go with it.

4. Picture Yourself Back at the Starting Line

Remember how you felt before you started working out regularly. Remember yourself at your heaviest weight. Remember how difficult this very workout was back then. Remember how much harder life was in general. Little things required so much more energy than they do now. You don’t want to go back to that place. So press on.

5. Now Head to the Finish Line

Every little bit helps. Five extra minutes today, an extra workout this week, three extra minutes next workout, an added yoga session – it all adds up. Now put all of that together, and add it to everything you’ve already done. How amazing are you going to look and feel when you reach your goals? Spoiler alert: you’re going to feel like a ninja. The baddest ninja around.

Congrats, you’re done. Time to stretch.

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