5 Unique Ways to Save Money on Groceries

If you’re like most people, buying groceries takes up a huge chunk of your budget. Even if you clip some coupons and steer clear of expensive items, those products still add up pretty quickly. However, you don’t have to be beholden to high food costs. Take a look at these 5 tips for unique ways you can save money on your groceries.

1. Hit up dollar stores.

Even if you’re a little leery of buying food at the dollar store, you can still purchase some great essentials at places like Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Stock up on everyday items like plastic bags, cotton swabs, tin foil, and household cleaners. You’ll end up spending a lot less than you would at regular supermarkets. You can even get free shipping when you use a coupon code at Dollar General!

2. Check out bargains on daily deal sites.

Some of our favorite blogs include coupons or special deals that they update each and every day - so you’ll never miss out on awesome bargains! Check out sites like Money Saving Mom, Wheel 'n Deal Mama, and Frugal Navy Wife for the hottest promotions.

3. Sign up for the Subscribe and Save program from Amazon.

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program is one of the most cost-effective grocery deliveries out there right now. Their gigantic selection makes it easy to find your favorite products. All you have to do is choose the items you want, pick the quantity and how often you want them delivered, and then you automatically save 15% off each order when you buy 5 or more items. It’s also super convenient, since you don’t have to remember to repurchase new shipments. There’s even free shipping!

4. Use an app like Ibotta or Checkout 51.

Apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 actually allow you to get cash back on grocery items you already purchase. You can just scroll through the discounted items available at specific stores, and rack up the dollars. All you have to do is provide a pic of your receipt. This is a fantastic way to find savings without having to clip coupons!

5. Get weekly savings from Pirc.com.

If you still get excited about receiving weekly circulars with coupons, Pirc.com offers coupons on all the products you love. You get to design your own circular with the brands you like, and then they deliver an email to you once a week with all the great savings available to you.

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