5 Ways Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. Helps Boost Your Credibility

Even if your company isn’t engaging in risky business per se, you still need to be aware of the business credit image you’re projecting to the world. Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. has been helping business owners protect their companies against risk and helping improve their business credit for over 3 years, but has a share in an over 175 year old reporting legacy. So one could say they are experts.

We wanted to deconstruct what goes into the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. CreditBuilder product that is specifically designed to help businesses and why it can be such a powerful tool to bolstering your business’ credibility.

1. Take a peek inside your credit file...

First off, companies, banks, and lenders have the right to request a copy of your business credit profile, so it’s important you know what’s in yours and if the information is accurate. The Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. CreditBuilder product allows you to monitor your business’ credit report, as well as take steps to add good credit history that may have been left out, to help impact your score.

2. Full disclosure…

After signing up for CreditBuilder, you get to see all five major D&B® credit scores that third parties may use to judge your creditworthiness. Knowing your business credit score can be the crucial first step to either improving it or, if it’s already very high, ensuring you negotiate the best payment terms for a loan or contract.

3. Call in the cavalry…

When you submit trade references using CreditBuilder you’re giving your company a better chance of impacting your credit scores and ratings. This could make a huge difference of how your business is perceived when lenders or partners pull your report.

4. Betting on the right horse...

CreditBuilder also lets you view business credit information on competing companies in your industry, so that you can measure your own numbers against theirs. You can use this comparative knowledge in your favor when competing with companies for partnerships, deals, or loans.

5. Are your ears itching?

Every time a competitor, bank, or lender requests a copy of your credit report, Every time a competitor, bank, or lender requests a copy of your business credit report, CreditBuilder notifies you. This can be a good recordkeeping practice, keeping you aware of who’s thinking and talking about your business. Knowledge is power. This is especially true in business, where every number has significance and is never neutral. Make sure competitors, lenders, and potential business partners see you in the best light possible, and help optimize your credibility. Use our CreditBuilder promo code and receive a discount off the regular price.

By: Seth

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