5 Ways Lenovo is Getting You Ready for Back-to-School

As much as we’d like to pretend that summer will last forever, back-to-school season is fast approaching. So, instead of putting off the inevitable and waiting until the last minute, why don’t you try getting ready for school now? The Lenovo site is the perfect place to start to figure out what type of technology you (or your kids) need to be all set for the first day of classes. Here are 5 ways Lenovo is helping you prepare for back-to-school!

1. Shop by your persona

Not sure what type of computer or laptop you’ll need based on your activities? Lenovo has a ‘Shop by Persona’ page that can help you narrow down exactly what type of device will fit your day-to-day uses. Whether you’re academic-minded and need a fast processor and tons of storage space or a gamer who requires high-quality graphics and tons of memory, Lenovo has tons of options to help you determine which model is right for you. This feature is also a great way to compare prices and read customer reviews to see which products other users are loving.

2. Take a personality quiz

If you’re not sure where to start searching for the perfect computer for school, Lenovo has set up a reliable personality quiz to help you find the ideal device. All you have to do is answer a few questions, like what type of PC you’re looking for, what dorm room is your style, what you usually eat for lunch, what’s your favorite subject, and your future career plans, and Lenovo will come up with models that will fit your needs. You’ll instantly get results for a specific PC that will help you succeed in school and match your personality.

3. Figure out what specifics you need in your device

Lenovo makes it easy to read all of the specs of each device you’re considering purchasing. If you head to the Student Laptop section, you’ll find over 35 options within a variety of price points. With this overview, you can narrow down your search by price, screen size, or weight to help your results only reflect exactly what you want. Next to each device, it’ll also tell you what the laptop is best for (like on-the-go productivity, streaming, or casual gaming), so you can determine which model will fit your preferences.

4. Narrow down the accessories you’ll need

You’ll most likely need much more than just a computer to get your schoolwork done and stay organized. So, Lenovo has put together a section of their site that features all the accessories you might need to succeed. Check out their selection of laptop bags and backpacks (as cheap as $29!) to help you tote around your tech. There are also keyboards, mice, and monitors to complete your computer setup. If you need a dock, adapter cable, or other gadgets, you can grab everything you need in one place. You can even save on your purchases with a Lenovo coupon code!

5. Check out the student discount program

Students sometimes forget that there are a multitude of discounts out there specifically for them. It’s often easy to save a little extra cash by checking out these types of deals. Lenovo even offers a student discount program that helps connect students with cheaper laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. You just have to enter your state and school to see what bargains are being offered.

So, even if you’re not ready for summer to end, let Lenovo take away some of the burden, and help you get ready for back-to-school today!

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