5 Ways Norton’s Family Resources Can Protect Your Kids

With the advent of new technology, parents need to focus less on ‘stranger-danger’ lessons and more on protecting their children from cyber criminals. Luckily, Norton offers an entire Family Resources section on their site where parents can learn about what steps they can take to prevent their children from making dangerous mistakes (like giving out their personal information or posting inappropriate pictures). Many services are available through the free Norton Family program. Here are five features Norton offers that can help protect your family.

1. Activity History

You can’t be with your children 24/7, so for busy, working parents, the Activity History feature keeps a log of everything your kids do on their computers or smartphones. You can also monitor how long they spend on these devices. The free version allows you to see the past seven days, and the premier version (which costs a little extra) lets you see a record of the past 90 days.

2. Email Alerts

Despite parental controls, your kids still might try to access blocked sites. Every time they do, you’ll receive an automatic alert through your email letting you know your child ignored the warning and tried to access the site anyway. This is a great way to keep track of the sites your children are trying to log onto.

3. Social Network Monitoring

These days, many kids get into trouble with the information or pictures they post on social networking sites, like Facebook or Instagram. This feature allows you to see what your children are posting on their profiles (including the name, age, and pictures they’ve put up). The benefit of this type of monitoring is that you can encourage your kids to take down any information that could be used in cybercrimes, like identity theft.

4. Text Message Supervision

Although this feature is only available in the paid premier program, it is a super important feature. With this service, you have the ability to read your child’s text messages and see what they’re communicating to their contacts. You can also limit the number of people they can exchange texts with.

5. Weekly Email Reports

Weekly reports are another of the paid features, and they can be sent to your email. Each report lists the details of your kids’ online usage every week. You can also set up the reports for once a month if you prefer. This option is great for parents that want a comprehensive overview of the activities their children are engaged in online.

Keep your family safe, and teach your children smart Internet practices at the same time. Plus, when you use your Norton coupon code, you’ll be saving tons of money on web protection programs!

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