5 Ways to Pretend You're on Vacation

Summer is officially over, and Christmas vacation is still a long time away. That probably means you don’t have any vacations planned for awhile. Don’t despair though - you don’t have to get stuck in the daily grind. Instead, trick your brain into thinking you’re away on a nice, relaxing trip. Not sure how to do that? Read on for 5 easy ways to pretend you’re on vacation.

1. Unplug.

One of the best parts of going on vacation is the chance to completely go off the grid. No cellphones, no answering emails, no checking Facebook. Need a total break from your electronics? A fake vacation is the perfect excuse to completely unplug. Your frenzied brain will thank you!

Stick to your unplugging mission by alerting friends and family to your ‘vacation.’ They’ll be less likely to send emails and texts if they know you’re trying to get away for a bit. Don’t want work to think you’re checking out? Set an away message on your emails so your coworkers will know when to expect you back. Finally, don’t feel guilty for not being available 24/7 - everyone deserves a break!

2. Do something touristy.

You don’t have to travel to a faraway destination to feel like you’re on vacation. Check out some touristy things in your hometown that you’ve always meant to do. Take a trip to a museum, find a cool walking tour, or head to a local hotspot. Don’t worry about spending too much dough - just Google “free things to do in [your hometown],” and you’ll find plenty of ideas for fun ways to spend the day that won’t drain your bank account.

Don’t forget to buy yourself a ‘souvenir’ while you’re out exploring - that’s always a true highlight of any vacation!

3. Incorporate the tropics into your daily life.

There’s something about tropical prints that just helps me picture myself on an island, sipping on something with an umbrella in it. To help you get in the mood, sneak small tropical reminders into your routine, like these Aloha Personal Checks from Artistic Checks. The Hawaiian vibe will make you feel less depressed about spending money every time you write a check. Plus, you’ll be even happier when you snag a discount code to use at checkout!

Wearing tropical prints is another way to transport yourself to the islands (and they’re totally on-trend right now!). Rock a tropical print dress (like this one from UrbanOG) or choose a handbag (from ASOS), so you can carry your island vibe around with you.

4. Treat yourself to some amazing food and drinks.

Vacation is pretty much the only time I really allow myself to just live it up - whether that means treating myself to dessert or ordering a drink. Want to feel like you’re on vacation? Go to a fantastic restaurant and order whatever sounds good on the menu - don’t worry about calories or eating healthy! That type of vacation mentality is the ideal way to allow yourself some decadence!

5. Head outdoors.

When you’re not on vacation, you’re probably cooped up in an office all day. Even if you can’t escape for a full-fledged trip, you can still enjoy the great outdoors - and trick yourself into thinking you’re on vacation! Even just a short walk or hike can help you detach from your worries and tap into that relaxed vacation mode.

So, even if you can’t jet off to somewhere fantastic, at least you can pretend you’re on vacation!

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