5 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Bachelor Party

Wedding season is about to hit full stride, but there’s one thing on everyone’s mind that must come first: bachelor and bachelorette parties! You think that a hotel room, flight, and tuxedo rental add up when you’re in a wedding? Try adding on several nights of clubbing, gambling, golf, errr...entertainment, and a bail payment or two when your friends get out of control to the bill.

Don’t let celebrating your best friend’s last day on Team Single break your bank. Pay attention to these 5 expert tips to save on your next bachelor party.

1. Pack the Booze

It’s no secret that bars and restaurants make big money on drinks. For a bachelor party, all those celebratory Jager shots and champagne corks popping add up quickly. From my experience, bachelor parties can compete with the best of drinking teams the world over. Seriously, you don’t want to have an open flame near one of these spectacles for fear of a minor explosion.

Cut the cost and bring booze with you. Have a few drinks, a toast, or a roast before you head out for the night and your wallet will thank you the next day – you’re head, however, is another story...

2. Talk to a Promoter

For some men, the idea of enlisting a promoter for help is more emasculating than stopping to ask for directions. If you can get referred to a good promoter, however, he or she will be worth their weight in gold. Not only can a party-professional help get you into the hottest clubs, restaurants, and golf courses, they can find you the best deals and more than cover their own fees.

3. Book It Already

Not everyone thinks ahead, but those that do save big, and it only takes one responsible person to help the whole bunch! In addition to group booking options, you can get a great deal from sites like Expedia by reserving your stay in advance. 

Bonus Tip: As the organizer, if you can get people to commit cash to a group booking early on, you’ll increase the odds that everyone shows up when the day comes to party.

4. Know Your Limits

This advice extends to all aspects of the party. From keeping yourself in check when it comes to drinking too much, spending a little too freely on an open tab, or keeping it acceptable when it comes to a special adult performance.

Set your limits in advance and go out with a plan. That way you can wake up with your credit and dignity intact. I’ll even go so far as to pull out all the cash I plan to spend in an evening, and resort to credit cards as a back-up plan only.

5. Drive Down the Cost

Is it really worth booking a stretch Hummer for an entire night when it just shuttles you to and from one destination? Look into local companies that are more likely to compete for your business. You can often negotiate a better rate with smaller limo and bus companies than the larger ones. I’ve even found that local companies are more likely to let you bring your own booze on board, instead of shelling out for their liquor.

Additionally, you can ask your hotel for help. They often have vans and buses for rent – though they don’t have the same glitz as a limo.

Lastly, for those willing to think outside the box – consider teaming up with another bachelor or bachelorette party by splitting transportation and staggering your evening. It keeps the driver busy, doubles tips, and cuts your price in half. 

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