5 Ways You Can Be His / Her Best Valentine on Valentine’s Day

Is “Love” a four-letter word? Technically it is. But it’s not a dirty four-letter word, unlike ****, and $%&#, and, the most heinous, @@##, which give me the shivers. On approaching Valentine’s Day, it’s hard not to think about how you can please your man or woman like you wish you could have the other 364 days in the year. If pitching woo, making love, or anything romantic just eludes you, follow these five simple steps to a successful Valentine’s Day (and night).

1. Don’t Promise the Moon If All You Can Deliver Is a Trip to Your Rooftop

I get it: Valentine’s Day comes along and suddenly you’re a Vanderbilt, promising ritzy restaurant reservations, long black limousines, and a poodle on skates. Well before St. Valentinus was martyrized, he said: “check thyself before ye wreck thyself.” You can make promises, but only ones you’ll be sure to keep. Lock in the simple things, like showing up to your plans on time, booking that chichi restaurant well in advance, asking your partner if they need anything you can pick up en route. It’s not about the presents on V-day, it’s about being there.

2. Plan an Experience

Gifts are great. Everyone loves a great gift. But what’s even more thoughtful is an elaborate experience you and your partner can share together. Go horsebacking in the middle of the night through the heart of downtown, or hike to the peak of the tallest mountain in your region before rock sliding down it. Or, just go for a long, calming walk along the seashore. Just do something together, for a couple of uninterrupted hours.  

3. Gift Them Something More Unique Than Flowers

Flowers are always in, everyone and their mothers are getting everyone else and their mothers flowers. Don’t you want to set yourself apart? Try something with a little more pizzazz like a personalized video card you can send to your partner, or flowers that you design out of origami paper yourself. If you want to get your partner something both aesthetically pleasing as well as experiential, you can order them a Valentine’s Day-themed Gourmet Gift Basket. Get your significant other a basket of chocolates, or drown them in your love with a bucket of beer. With a Gourmet Gift Basket coupon code, you can play the part of a big spender without indebting yourself like one.


4. Surprise Your Partner

One way to surprise them is on the way to your scheduled date to pretend to drive the car off a cliff. Don’t do that. Maybe a surprise more along the lines of telling your partner that you love them for the very first time. Or, if you already told them that, pop the question. Or, if you’re somewhere in the middle of those two milestones, use the night to get closer to them by showing a side of you that you may have kept hidden out of apprehension or insecurity. It’s got to come out sooner or later.  

5. How to Kiss Like It’s Your Job

Let’s end on a bang, shall we! Keep your kisses long and less flitting, and make sure your and your partner’s hips are touching to spike desire almost instantly. Don’t be afraid of the open-mouthed tango: it’s the body’s way of transferring pheromones and other libido-boosting stuff to a lover. At the end of the day, it’s all about passion, and that’s a thing that’s hard to fake. If it’s there, let it loose, if it’s not, well…

5 pretty simple ways to make this Valentine’s Day one for the history books, or at least your private diary. Now get planning! You’ve only got –– until the 14th.

By: Seth

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