6 Celebrity Women Who Wig

The stigma on wigs is starting to fade away. Today, we’re experiencing a renaissance in wig fashion and culture, not just to cover up thinning hair, but also to introduce a new look and accessorize conveniently and impermanently. If you’re still skeptical about wide world of wigs, here are 6 famous women who weren’t afraid to get hip to the headpiece.

1. Katy Perry, Blue in the Hair

Prior to the release of her song “Roar,” Katy Perry was known far and wide (and well beyond California) for her neon blue wig made popular by her album “Teenage Dream.” You may not be in the market for something as cotton-candy, but it is an option.

2. Marie Antoinette, Let Them Eat Wigs

Infamous wife to Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette was Queen of France during the revolution in the 18th century. She was known for sporting ostentatiously intricate wigs as big as her heart was shallow. For all that nasty things that can and should be said of Marie, she did have taste.  

3. Lady Gaga, Not Born This Way

The Fame Monster was on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women for 3 years straight, and it’s no secret that the seat of her power was in her collection of influential wigs. Miss Gaga is so wig-happy that it is fabled no one has ever seen her real hair (even her mother).  

4. Queen Elizabeth I, All Hair the Queen

Queen Elizabeth I of Tudor England was not only the most powerful woman in her time, but also a redhead wannabe. She sought the distinction that only strawberry hair bestows upon its owner, and so she had her wigmasters design her a vibrant red headpiece. How she remained the Virgin Queen after going red is still a wonder. If you want to treat yourself like royalty, go red.  

5. Sherri Shepherd, A View and a Vision

Not only is Sherri Shepherd onThe View, she is a view thanks to her stunning line of wigs she wears herself and produces. She’s not afraid to spread the word and her curls on live television, so why should you? Maybe not on live television, but you never know. Now, Sherri's line is a hair on the expensive side, but you can still find plenty of satisfactory deals and coupon codes to make your wig purchase more affordable. 


6. Beyonce, Feel Your Hair-O

Beyonce was born with a thick, wild set of hair that can be very hard to manage. So the singer and performer opts for wigs to switch quickly and conveniently between styles and also to get that straight look she’s after. So give it a try: step under her hair-o – it’s the love on top that counts.

These are just 6 women in the spotlight (or the history books) that were crazy about the coiffure. Maybe it's time for you to make the switch, or even add to your collection. 

By: Seth

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