6 Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

When I found out I needed glasses a few years back, I was kinda excited - any excuse to wear another accessory! But, it’s definitely taken me some time to figure out how to master my makeup when I’m wearing my specs (since I want to make sure the focus of my face isn’t my glasses). So, I checked with some of the hottest makeup artists around to give me tips on how to rock my look even with my glasses! Read on for 6 great makeup tips for all of us four-eyed girls out there.

1. Wear neutral eyeshadows.

One of the greatest tips I’ve learned comes from Kaylin Johnson from Kaylin’s Kit. For many people with poor eyesight, you have to be close to the mirror to apply your makeup. Johnson recommends buying travel-sized makeup brushes: “The shorter handles are easier to maneuver when your hand is near a mirror.”

Once you’ve mastered applying your makeup, you can try more neutral eyeshadows. Johnson recommends soft browns or subtle pinks (especially if you have bold frames). You should also pick shadows based on the color of your frames. Beauty expert Christina Marrale said, “Black frames work well with just about any color, tortoise frames look best with dark plums and greens, and gray frames pair well with navy.”

Felicia Alva, from StudioFlutter.com, noted that matte shadows are a great way to go if you want a subtle look (like for work). If you’re looking for something to pop a little more, try makeup artist Margina Dennis'tip: “Use satin shadows - they bring luminosity to the lid and make the eye stand out more. I also use a lighter or brighter color that compliments the iris to draw attention to the eyes (ie: warm browns for blue eyes, purple for green eyes).”

2. Define your brows.

It’s essential to have well-groomed brows for any gal, but especially if you wear glasses. Dennis explains that groomed brows “give a finished look to your face.” Marrale recommends defining your brows to help frame your face and bring out your eyes. She suggests Anastasia of Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow Pomade to fill in the brows. The waterproof formula lasts a long time and gives you a polished look.

While you should definitely keep up with brow maintenance, if you’re in need of a quick fix, Johnson likes to “use a battery-operated personal groomer to shave brows into place. You’ll have perfect brows without any redness.”

3. Curl your lashes.

Before you curl your lashes, make sure to apply waterproof mascara. Both Alva and Johnson say it helps to keep smudging or flaking from happening in the lens area. To give you super thick lashes, apply one coat from the base to the ends and then a second coat focusing just on the roots. This will give volume to your lashes, but won’t make them so long that they bump into your lenses.

Then, curl your lashes, which Alva said “helps to open up the eyes and emphasize your lashes.” Also, Marrale suggests focusing on the root of your lashes when you curl them to give them the most lift.

4. Use liner to define your eyes.

To make sure your eyes stand out behind your glasses, make sure you use eyeliner. Alva said, “Liner is a good idea to define and create a ‘dense’ lash base...the ‘cateye’ look can work, but check to see if your lenses are covering up the beautiful wing tip. Don’t want to waste your time doing that if no one will see your beautiful work!”

Marrale also likes using a cat eye “to define your eye shape and create a fun, night-on-the-town look.” She doesn’t recommend doing a smokey-eye though, since it can “create darker shadows against the frames, leaving you looking tired.” If you have thicker frames, your eyes can appear smaller than they are, so make sure to apply thick liner all around the eye. For thinner frames, use a thin liner on just your top lash lines.

5. Don’t forget concealer and powder!

Although you want to focus on your eyes when you’re doing your makeup, the rest of your face is just as important! Foundation is key, especially a dewy finish, which can draw attention away from your lenses. However, The Zoe Report suggests you blot away excess foundation from your nose and cheeks before putting on your specs. Otherwise, you’ll end up with makeup on your frames!

Concealer is also a step you don’t want to forget. Concealer under your eyes can brighten your entire face, and help you avoid magnifying under-eye circles or bags. The Zoe Report suggests picking a concealer at least one shade lighter than your foundation to create the perfect effect.

The last step should always be powder. Marrale said, “Avoid a makeup meltdown by adding translucent powder to areas of the face where your frames will sit. This will prevent any makeup from transferring onto your lenses and helps keep your moisturizer/foundation in place.”

6. Finish off with a bold lipcolor!

Want to make sure people are looking at more than just your glasses? Pair the rest of your look with a bright lip. Alva said to “play with lip color; this is where you can have fun with color, be dramatic.” Johnson agrees: “If you have the personality to match, consider a bright lipstick for an additional pop of color.”

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