6 Must Have Apps for This Holiday Season

Big gifts often come in small packages – and sometimes even in two dimensions! We’re talking about apps for your iOS or Android device, many of which you can download for free. Below is a list, which we’ve checked twice, of our six favorite apps that will make your festivities fantastic.


Turn your holiday home videos into internet blockbusters this season with Vine. You can use Vine on your iOS or Android device to capture short video clips and splice them together into catchy, entertaining, and looping videos. You can upload and send as many videos you want for free, post to other media sites like Twitter and Facebook instantly, and share the movie magic with all your family and friends.


Between gift buying, family outings, and restaurant bills, you’re liable to spend more than you expected this holiday season. Don’t you wish there were an app out there that could help you maximize the savings on every purchase you make?

Well, there is, and it’s called Pick2Pay. Pick2Pay helps you choose the card that will give you the best reward payoff on your purchase, lead you through online shopping credit card portals, and direct you to local businesses that are running promotions. Why break the bank when you can Pick2Pay?  

Hype Machine

Does that holiday playlist-on-repeat turn you into a grinch every time you hear it? Turn off the radio and tune into the Hype Machine for all the newest, hottest, and most talked about music on the web. It aggregates all the songs and artists the blogosphere is chatting about, and posts today’s underground gems and tomorrow’s hits as soon as they’re out of the studio. Hype Machine also lets you open your own account to keep tabs on music you especially like, and discuss new music with your friends. All this without ads or monthly fees, Hype Machine is a gift that keeps on giving.


After the New Year it’s time to stick to those resolutions and burn off the rubber from that spare tire. To make your exercise plan that much more enjoyable, check out TempoRun. This nifty app ranks your music on a scale from 1 to 10 according to the songs’ tempos, and then lets you match your cadence to the songs in your playlist – 1 is a walk, 5 is a jog, and 10 is a sprint. TempoRun also keeps tabs on your steps and training so you can track your progress. You’ll be down to last year’s size in no time.

iTranslate Voice

Going abroad this holiday? Don’t spend your trip with your nose in a translation book. Download iTranslate Voice to your iOS device to start a voice conversation in one of 42 languages and dialects using the app’s highly accurate voice recognition software. You can look up the definitions of words and phrases, socialize with other iTranslate users when you connect your devices, and post your translations on almost any social platform.


Traffic during the holidays can be a mess! Everyone’s going everywhere, and they’re all cranberry-jamming up the highways. That’s why you need Waze to survive your festive commute. Waze connects drivers in a digital network so both the app and drivers can report on traffic accidents, police traps, roadblocks, and any other obstacles.

Waze then takes all that information and calculates the fastest route to get to your destination. Because Waze updates in real time with real data, you know you’re on the right track. You can use Waze to get anywhere in no time...except for maybe the North Pole.

Stuff your cellular stocking with these six sensational apps in preparation for your holiday blowout. You, your family, friends, fellow drivers, and everyone else will thank you. We wish you a very hooked-up holiday. 

By: Seth

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