6 Reasons to Stay In This Valentine's Day

Okay, you caught me. I prefer not to leave my house in general. On Valentine’s Day though, you’re in for a major rip-off on all goods and services should you decide to celebrate out in the world. Don’t do it! There are plenty of ways to shower your honey with love even if you stay at home.

Here are 6 of them now.

1. Overpriced steak

My husband cooks a steak Ron Swanson would praise, so why would I pay 75% more (or whatever insane markup it is), just to eat steak on this one particular day when we can make a better, cheaper version at home? Or worse, you could get stuck with a restaurant’s pre-set V-Day menu with a bunch of trendy-sounding items you have no interest in eating. Lavender-infused shrimp with a side of steamed kale and truffle quinoa? No thanks.

2. Strangers and their strangeness

I’m not particularly fond of strangers invading my personal space on a day-to-day basis. So add their PDA and / or awkward “us” talks that seem to come with public Valentine’s Day celebrations, and you’ve got the recipe for my nightmares. All of a sudden your intimate dinner turns into a crowded love fest. Ick.

3. Netflix misses you when you’re gone

I spend a lot of time with my buddy, Netflix. I like to think he waits impatiently for my return just like my dog. Plus, Netflix (and his crew – Hulu, Vudu, MGo, and Amazon Instant), provides hours and hours of entertainment. No need to brave the bustling theater for your romantic show. Your pal Netflix has plenty of those to choose from.

4. No pants, no problem

Real pants are the worst. You can admit it. I won’t tell anyone. We’re all in this together. But since sweatpants aren’t universally accepted as proper bottoms for everyday wear, pants on date night are an unfortunate must.

Not if you stay home though. You can wear (or not wear) whatever you want on your date night at home. It’s nobody’s business but yours. Hooray!

5. Traffic is the WORST

Traffic isn’t a life-sucking issue everywhere, but it certainly is in Los Angeles. Anytime there’s traffic, we feel the need to come up with a specific reason for it. Perhaps that makes the waiting and slow forward progress a little easier to bear. But if you’re in Los Angeles – there’s ALWAYS traffic. The reason is irrelevant. The only way to avoid traffic is by staying off the roads completely and just navigating your way from the kitchen to the couch.

6. Too much pressure

Ugh, so much pressure comes with this holiday. It’s really unfair. Especially to men. It’s all about “the perfect gift” and what the gift really says about your relationship. That’s a tough position to be in. It also kind of sucks to present that gift in front of strangers (and all their strangeness) in a public place. God forbid your gift comes in a small jewelry box and it isn’t an engagement ring. Nobody wins in that moment.

You don’t need to be out among the masses to feel the love in the air. Make a date with your sweetheart to stay in, and celebrate exactly how you both feel comfortable doing so. It’s about the two of you, after all. And nobody else.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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