6 Spookiest Adults Only Halloween Attractions in the U.S.

Remember when Halloween was all about getting into mischief? Telling ghost stories, checking out rumored haunted houses nearby, and scaring yourself silly? Then you grow out of the kiddy costume and the need for pounds of candy at the end of the night and you seek a different kind of mischief. Adult mischief. This sort of mischief usually leads to a creatively provocative or relevant costume and a hefty hangover the next day.

Now you have the luxury of getting the bejesus scared out of you as a full grown adult. You can party while you panic, with adult beverages, and nightmares that are sure to last you a lifetime.

Here are the six spookiest Halloween attractions in the U.S. for adults. Do not bring your kids.

1. Knott’s Scary Farm - Buena Park, California

This attraction is located right on the outskirts of Hollywood. Do you know what that means? The hundreds of monsters that are roaming around Southern California’s largest Halloween experience are actors. Talented ones. They are trained to make you scream and never break character. Just this year they’ve added five new mazes. So, uh, good luck getting out of there alive.

2. Witches of New Salem - Dorr, Michigan

Well, nothing says “imminent death” quite like entering a corn maze in the darkness, am I right? This terrifying experience is packed with creepy corn stalkers, unexpected twists, and screaming attendees. You could be one of them.

3. Hangman’s House of Horrors - Fort Worth, Texas

The location itself is inspired by the legend of Hezekiah Jones, a murderer known as "Hangman,” and has the classic hangman haunted tour. But it also has another site worth checking out. “Outbreak” is an area that’s infested by Zombies that the government has taken control over. Killin' zombies – score!

4. Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This supersized, creepy-as-heck former prison has been turned into an 11-acre fright fest. You can tour the grounds and check out their six onsite attractions. The scariest by far has to be the Night Watch. You get one flashlight and you’re sent on your way through a section of the prison. Try to make it out of there without screaming. Just try.

5. The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor - Long Beach, California

Let’s take everything that scares people, and put it on a ship. A huge, historic ship that people can stay overnight on, if they can escape the mazes, monsters, and ghosts, and give sleep a try. Every year the Queen Mary crew develops a new script to follow as to how the ship became haunted. This is probably the coolest and craziest Halloween party in the country.

6. The Bates Motel - Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

This ain’t your grandmother’s hayride, folks. Located on Araspha Farm, this haunted hayride has taken spook into the digital age. The hayride itself might only be 25 minutes long, but I assure you, it’ll feel like a never-ending hellscape. They have the best of the best in terms of makeup, props, actors, pyrotechnics, and digital scenery. They even have a full scale mock up of a New England church, and a 200 foot long cave. Yikes.

If you love horror movies, you’ll probably have a blast at all of the Halloween attractions above. Make sure you check Hotels.com for accomodations nearby and use a Hotels.com coupon code when you book your trip. No need for your final bill to give you a fright too!


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