6 Spring Dresses That’ll Take You into Summer

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The coming of spring means longer days, chirping birds, and overall cheeriness from everyone around you. The downside to this lovely season is that it’s very short. Growing up in New England, the winter would finally, FINALLY end and we’d get to embrace the muddy, flowery beauty of spring for all of...48 hours. Then the humidity would creep in and BAM – hello, summer. Even now living in Southern California, we don’t have the same extreme temps, but still, springtime is in and out like a jackrabbit on a date. (My grandfather used to say that. I still don’t fully understand the reference.)

The good thing about spring, though, is the clothes! With the light fabric and bright colors, you can usually take each piece from spring all the way into summer. And here are 6 spring dresses from The Limited that’ll be a perfect pick in April, August, and anytime in between.

1. OBR Striped Strapless Dress

I see this dress and immediately think about July 4th. This Independence Day, throw on a red cardigan and you’ll be the most beautiful patriot in the room. Until then, you could pair it with pastel flats and a denim jacket for a cute, casual look.

2. Scuba Skater Dress

This body-hugging frock screams sunshine and garden parties galore. Let the cut of the sleeves show off those guns you’ve been working to build all winter. And flex those money-saving muscles by using a discount code at checkout.

3. Lace Fit & Flare Dress

The lace on this dress adds a layer of subtle sexiness to an otherwise basic style. The pink is perfect for a family Easter gathering or graduation party in a few months!

4. Textured Bodice Maxi Dress

This is just a beachy dream come true, isn’t it? Whether it’s worn on a late Spring Break trip, or thrown on anytime throughout the summer months, you can’t go wrong in the heat with a comfortable, stylish maxi dress.

5. OBR Lace Print Fit & Flare Dress

Here’s something bold and blue, just for you! This dress is perfect for a night on the town. It’s conservative enough to wear to any fancy evening occasion, but also striking enough to stand out in a crowd.

6. Shadow Print Cowl Dress

We’re entering wedding season, and with all the love in the air, you’re bound to get an invite to a few of them. Here’s a perfect choice for a warmer weather wedding. Plus, since it’s sleeveless, you’ll be able to get down for the chicken dance!

Springtime will only last so long, so get out and enjoy it while you can!

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