6 Times in Life You Totally Deserve a Weekend Getaway

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More often than not, life is chaotic. Chaos is always overwhelming at first, but then we get used to the stress, and then we turn it into a routine that we can justify and control. And once we’re settled in that routine, we find a way to add more chaos, which will eventually turn into its own routine – until we’re stretched so thin, that the only time our brain is turned off is while we sleep. Even then, the time in ‘off mode’ is minimal.

Depressing, isn’t it? Welcome to adulthood. It’s not all bad though. Hopefully there’s significant payoff to the madness you’ve been dealing with, like the joy of children or the satisfaction of professional success. But there are times that no matter how crazy it gets, you need to pull your own life to a stop and force a little relaxation. If you don’t push for it, who will? Here are 6 times in life you can book a weekend getaway without any guilt. Because really, you’ve earned the break.

1. When you haven’t seen your besties in over a month

Everybody has their own stuff going on, and as you all get older, it can be harder to set aside that much-needed girl time. This is a necessity for your sanity though, so make sure to schedule a girls weekend whenever you feel like it’s been far too long since you last giggled with them. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. Even just a weekend in your nearest city will do. Check Hotels.com for a ridiculous amount of budget-friendly room options.

2. When you can find a reliable weekend babysitter

For most of you, this is probably a rare luxury – so TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE. Leave the kids with the person you trust and spend the weekend with your spouse, partner, or even just by yourself. The quiet will instantly lower your stress levels and probably add years to your life. And the soft bathrobes will just serve as a cozy bonus.

3. When work has consumed your every thought since…..you can’t remember the last full day off you had.

Work can’t be your entire life. It just can’t. Even the most driven, successful people in the world need a break every once in a while. So take a timeout when you can, remain unplugged until the weekend is over, and do not regret a second of it.

4. When the romance needs a jumpstart

If you’ve found the person you plan on growing old with, first of all, congrats! Romance is key to a lasting marriage. If lovin’ has been placed on the backburner in order to meet the demands of your hectic schedules, toss those schedules out the window, and put each other first for the next 48 hours. Bring some champagne, set the mood, and just be those two adorable love birds you were in the beginning. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg either. Check for a Hotels.com discount before booking your romantical getaway, and you can save a little cash for room service!

5. When you’ve spent a lot of time with friends or family

If your only trips have consisted of planned family visits or group trips with friends, guess what? You’ll need another vacation. Those trips are usually jam-packed, high-stress settings because you’re with a group and you don’t get much time alone or with your partner. And returning home just means diving right back into hectic routines. Book a trip for two, or one, and soak up the plan-free quiet time.

6. When you’ve planned to move into a new place, but can’t pack just yet

If you’ve put down a deposit or signed a lease or have made solid plans to move into a new home, you will need a quick getaway, and soon. As you daydream of your new place and subconsciously resent your current one, you’ll just be in misery until you can start packing boxes and booking movers. So during that waiting period, just get away for a bit!

Who knows when you’ll get the chance to give yourself some much-needed relaxation? Take these opportunities when you can, and don’t look back.

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