6 Unbeatable Gifts for Gamers

To the uninitiated, gamer talk can sound like another language. You beat the what? It unlocked where? You found a special power what now? When the holiday season rolls around, you may be at a loss for what to buy that special video game aficionado in your life. But just because you don’t know about the latest games and the gaming lingo, doesn’t mean you can’t give a winning gift. Here are our top picks for gamers this holiday season.

1. Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership

If you know someone you loves to spend hours twiddling the controls of an Xbox, here’s the perfect gift. With an Xbox Live membership, he/she will be able to access multi-player modes, apps, plus tons of online content like movies, TV shows, sports, and music. You can get it either as a physical card or an online code. Buy it at Amazon.com to get a discount.

2. Gaming Mouse

For the PC gamer in your life, a specially-designed gaming mouse will allow him/her to play faster and with more precision. This Razer Naga Epic wireless gaming mouse from Toshiba provides even more freedom with its dual wired/wireless design, and lets the user access more in-game abilities quickly with 17 buttons on the mouse itself. Use a coupon to shave a few dollars off the price.

3. Gaming Desk

Another ideal gift for a PC gamer, this gaming desk keeps all the necessities within easy reach. It includes two speaker trays, a stand for keeping controllers and games, a charging station, and even a cup holder. Throw in a comfy swivel chair and your favorite gamer will be ready to take on even the toughest challenges.

4. Nintendo Wallet

This retro gift is a sure win for anyone who likes video games, from the avid around-the-clock gamer to the casual once-in-a-while player. Modeled after the original Nintendo controller, it pays homage to the ones who started it all. You can find similar wallets at several stores, but to get the best price and protect your own wallet, get it here.

5. Gaming Headset

Help your favorite gamer keep his/her head in the game with a specially designed headset. These headsets cancel outside noise, deliver clear audio, allow chatting, and are comfortable enough to allow for long gaming marathons. Make sure you find out which gaming system your gamer uses, because you’ll need to buy a headset that is compatible. Check out the headsets at Best Buy for the best prices and selection.

5. Eat, Sleep, Game Shirt

This funny tee pretty much tells it like it is – or like it should be. Because really, what more do you need? Besides this PC gaming style, you can also get the shirt for a console gamer at the same site, along with tons of other geeky gamer shirts and gifts. Don’t forget that it comes in a lady’s fit as well!

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked the code to gamer gift giving. Any of these gaming gifts will take your holiday shopping up a level. They may even earn you bonus points in your favorite gamer’s book!

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