6 Underrated Resolutions We Should All Be Making

At the start of the new year, we all want something more. We want to become the kinds of people and hold the values that have been missing from years before. Despite the fact that every human being is as unique as a snowflake, we have this routine in common. And then, slowly but surely, we all let go of these promising resolutions. Our goals are usually centered around healthy eating and exercising, learning a new skill or language, and improving our money-saving habits.

But what about all of those little things that we don’t think about, the things that would instantly improve our overall well-being? It’s the little things that make the difference, right? So maybe this year, instead of dreaming big and failing quickly (as a lot of us will certainly do), let’s focus on the small habits that could set us up for big success.

Here are six underrated resolutions we should all be making in 2014.

1. Floss More

Would you go to sleep with a glob of your dinner left on your face? No. So why would you do the same to your teeth? A toothbrush can’t reach every crack and crevice in your teeth, so food is definitely stuck in there if you aren’t flossing. Bacteria can easily seep in through your gums if you aren’t properly cleaning them each day. Make flossing part of your nightly pre-bed routine, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier future.

2. Spend Less Time Online

Take your eyes away from the screen, even if for just 30-60 minutes less each day.Just because the Internet is open 24/7, doesn’t mean it’s good for your brain to be locked into it that often. Unplug, disconnect, and spend more time off the grid actually living your life, rather than Tweeting or Instagramming it.

3. Protect Your Personal Info

Most people don’t change their passwords often enough. This is NOT a lesson you want to learn the hard way. Make your passwords unpredictable, and change them frequently to protect your personal information, bank accounts, and data. Norton Antivirus software has your back, and works as an excellent fail-safe in data protection. Find the right software for you, and make sure it fits nicely into your budget by using a Norton coupon code at checkout.

4. Count Your Blessings

Literally. And I’m just as sick of the word “literally” as you are. Writing down the things you’re lucky to have and the wonderful people who make your life a joy really helps break you out of the constant pressure to want more. We’re a society that always wants what we can’t have, so a little gratitude can go a long way towards improving your mental health.

5. Stay Organized

I don’t care if you’re a right brain, left brain, center brain, or otherwise – getting organized clears your mind. I’m a list maker, and I just finished going through my closet and bagging up all of my old clothes to bring to the Salvation Army. Staying organized helps me complete small tasks and then move onto the bigger ones.

6. Embrace Silence

Media is so portable these days, and I certainly love the easy access to all of my favorite movies, shows, books, and music – wherever I am. However, we can all use a little peace and quiet. Have you ever tried to sit in silence for five minutes? How about three minutes? Incredible things can come to you if you’re just willing to listen.

It’s still early in the new year to add these resolutions into your daily routine. Small changes can lead to big results. This is YOUR YEAR!

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