6 Unique Gift Baskets You’ll Want to Buy for Yourself

It doesn’t matter how well you know someone, you can pretty much guarantee that a gift basket would make a solid choice for a Christmas present. Especially with the wide selection of gift baskets available these days. They aren’t just for wine and cheese lovers anymore. Gourmet Gift Baskets offers unique choices for gift baskets for sports fans, beauty queens, and even pets! They have gift baskets for everyone to enjoy.

Here are six unique gift baskets that are so amazing, you might just want to buy them for yourself. These aren’t your grandmother’s gift baskets, folks.

1. For the master relaxer

If kicking back is a priority to you or someone you love, this spa gift basket is the ideal choice. This basket includes perfumed body powder, body butter, French cleansing soap, a drawer sachet, bubble bath, a body loofah, a cooling eye gel mask, a terry cloth bath pillow, cleansing gel, a dual sided body massager and brush, a back polisher, an exfoliating loofah hand mitt, a pumice foot brush, and a wooden massage roller.

Bring the spa to the comfort of your home, and enjoy the luxurious experience without breaking the bank! Make it even more of a steal by using a coupon code on your at-home spa basket.

2. For the hardcore sports fan

Team loyalty is crucial in sports. Hardcore fans are hopelessly devoted to their favorite teams and players. Whether it’s a team with a tragic past and victorious present (like my beloved Boston Red Sox), or a group of underdogs fighting for their first ever championship – true fans will always want to display their teams with pride.

3. For the DIY-er

Whether it’s gardening, car washing, or cupcake making, DIY projects are always a great way to unwind. Release some stress with one of these all-inclusive project baskets. This basket includes gardening gloves, gardening tools such as a cultivator, trowel, and transplanter, and two seed packets. In addition to all the gardening tools, you’ll also find an assortment of gourmet snacks including organic candy drops, chocolate chip cookies, cookie brittle, tropical green tea, strawberry honey crunch trail mix, a pecan raisin granola bar, cranberry orange mango nut confection, and gourmet cheese straws.

4. For the golfer

Speaking of unwinding, nothing releases stress quite like whacking the crap out of a golf ball, am I right? For a day on the green, don’t leave home without this fabulous basket, including a six-pack of Heineken keg cans, accompanied by a sleeve of 3 golf balls, golf cookies, beef jerky, peanut butter pretzel nuggets, cashews, peanuts, classic mint chip maltballs, 19th hole snack mix, honey mustard pretzel dip, and dipping pretzels.

5. For the sweet tooth

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Who doesn’t love an ice cream sundae smorgasbord? Add some serious fun to your scoops with this basket – complete with candy toppings, ice cream sauces, flavored ice cream cones, and a stellar scooper. YUM.

6. For the beer lover

There’s nothing quite like popping open a cold one at the end of a long day. With this ‘Around the World’ beer basket, you can turn your nightly routine into a cultural party. Featuring beers from 11 different countries and delicious accompanying snack foods, you could use this as a perfect way to try beers you might not have tasted before. It’s a fresh spin on your regularly scheduled brew.

Whether you end up buying these for your loved ones this holiday season, or you “Treat yo’ self” and buy them just for you, the gift basket recipient is guaranteed to be thrilled.

Happy Holidays!

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