6 Ways TeamSnap Will Reduce Your Coaching Headaches

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Whether you’re trying to run an entire sports league or club, or just a single team,  you know that there’s a ton of work that needs to be done behind the scenes so that everything goes smoothly on game day. Well, pack up all those messy boxes of paperwork, because now all you need to manage everything for your team is a single sport management program: TeamSnap.

With so many features all in one place, it’s no wonder TeamSnap is one of the top sports management programs out there. Here are 6 ways TeamSnap can take your coaching and administrative headaches and make them a thing of the past:

1. Online registration and roster

Instead of dealing with the headache of having players fill out paper registration forms, TeamSnap lets you automate the entire registration process. You can create customized forms for your players to fill in, upload PDFs of waiver forms, and set the fees that players need to be charged for registration. Then your players can just register online, saving you and them the headache of dealing with piles of paperwork and confusing instructions.

Once your players are all registered, you can manage your roster online, including any changes to player profiles. In fact, players and their families can enter data and keep it current, so you don’t have to deal with data re-entry.

2. Schedule Generator

TeamSnap’s league schedule maker makes scheduling games and practices for your league or club a snap. It imports your roster, division, and team information, then you specify time, location, and schedule-based constraints. Then the generator creates a league schedule for you, all while avoiding timing and location conflicts. Finally, export the schedule from the league schedule maker to TeamSnap and put it in the hands of your players and their families, just like that.


3. Public website

Everyone has to have an online presence these days, right? Well, you’re a coach, not a web designer. That’s why TeamSnap’s league and club management system helps you build a custom website for your league or club. You can use their website builder to easily create, publish, and maintain your site, which comes with a professional design so that you won’t have to worry about hiring a web designer. If you don’t want to worry about it at all, you can even authorize other administrators from your league or club to update and maintain the site.

4. Good support

TeamSnap has what they call “ninja-like” customer support. Sounds pretty serious, if you ask me. If you need something fixed or are having trouble using TeamSnap, they assure you that they have people working every day of the year to make sure that problems and questions are resolved as quickly as possible – usually within a few hours.


5. Affordable fees

If you just need TeamSnap for a single team, you can actually have it for free for up to 30 players! If your roster has more players, then you can upgrade to the Basic, Premium, or Ultra Subscription, starting at only $7.99 per month. For managing leagues and clubs, the cost of TeamSnap is only $249 for the entire year. Plus, you can get an even better deal on your subscription if you use a handy coupon code when you sign up.

6. Easy communication

In any team, communication is key on and off the field. It’s also key when you need to organize and entire league or even just one team’s schedule! TeamSnap keeps everyone’s contact information organized, whether you’re dealing with just one team or a whole league. Then you can communicate with players and their families all in one place, either individually, as a whole team, or the whole league. You can choose to communicate via email, text message, or the TeamSnap app. 

Ready to let TeamSnap make your coaching life easier? Start a 2-month free trial today!

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