7 Best April Fool's Day Ads Ever

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April Fool’s Day is a celebration of pranks, white lies, and brilliant schemes. For the gullible among us, this is a horrible day. Personally, I trust people way too easily in everyday life. And on April 1st, I’m reminded of how important it is to remain suspicious of everything and everyone. Otherwise, you just get burned. Question everything. Today, be alert!

If you’ve been fooled before, you’re not alone. Here’s a look back at some of the best April Fool’s Day ads in history. Some of these ideas are actually pretty great! Too good to be true? You betcha.

1. American Beagle Outfitters - 2014

Well, let’s start with the most recent possible scam. American Eagle released this “dogumentary” last week to introduce their new line of trendy apparel for dogs. Even a dog beanie with “#Selfie” across the top. They wouldn’t be the first brand to release a line of pup apparel, but to me, this still looks a little….off.

American Eagle Outfitters would not confirm if the video was an April Fool's joke, but they did tell Mashable they would "be in touch next week with further details."

2. Bacon Flavored Scope - 2013

Last year, in the midst of an intense bacon-everything trend, Scope released an ad for a new bacon flavored mouthwash that looked eerily delish, but sadly didn’t exist in reality. Boo.

3. Snickettes - 2013

It doesn’t get any better than a solid food pun. Am I right?

4. Google Maps Treasure Mode - 2013

There are people that genuinely believe secret treasures exist in the world, so adding a “Treasure Mode” feature to Google Maps was equal parts unfair and spectacular. Certainly a prank we all fell for, if even for just a second, since it plays on our inner child’s imagination.

5. Samsung Eco Tree - 2013

When big companies take on eco-friendly initiatives, everyone wins. They get exposure, people naturally like them more (and might find themselves shopping the brand following the news), and the world gets back a little bit of nature that was previously taken from it. So when Samsung announced the plan to create the “Smart Eco Tree” people were psyched! That is, until they realized that the new brand of trees that run on sunlight and create oxygen were just plain old trees.

6. Gmail Paper - 2007

This would’ve been a triumph for Dunder Mifflin, but a real waste of time for us. Gmail introduced their new service which would scan all of your emails and print them out for you. Then you’d be shipped a heavy box of emails so you could have a paper copy of all the things you’ve already discussed. Michael Scott would’ve been heartbroken to find out this was just a prank. 

7. The Left-Handed Whopper - 1998

Marketed by Burger King as the same as a regular Whopper, except "all condiments rotated 180 degrees, thereby redistributing the weight of the sandwich so that the bulk of the condiments will skew to the left, thereby reducing the amount of lettuce and other toppings from spilling out the right side of the burger."

Oy. How many of these did you fall for over the years? This April Fool’s Day, be the logical one in the group and QUESTION EVERYTHING. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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