7 Best Product Pranks of 2013

2013 was the year that sloths stole the hearts of the internet, the year that Miley Cyrus...well...caught everyone’s attention, and that some companies started pulling pranks on us that went far above and beyond the usual “Batteries not included.” A few companies really managed to fool us, big time. Here are the top seven promotional pranks from this year. Would you have been fooled, too?

1. When it comes to prank advertising, LG led the way this year with their series of videos wherein they fooled people using their ultra-realistic 84-inch HDTVs. This video of their job interview prank went viral, where interviewees were terrified by what looked like the unfolding apocalypse outside the window.

2. This other LG prank was not as talked-about, but I think it was just as funny. They replaced the floor of an elevator with a panel of several LG HDTVs. Look at these people’s faces when they think the elevator floor is falling away!

3. Next, as a part of the advertising of “The Last Exorcism Part II,” promoters pulled this scary prank on some unsuspecting beauty shop clients. They used one-way glass in place of the mirror and a hidden camera to pull this prank.

4. The next prank was also part of a movie promotion, this time for “Carrie,” which came out in October. The video is titled “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise,” and it involved a fake wall, a stunt artist, remote-controlled coffee tables, and several actors. Though the baristas obviously were in on the joke, the reactions of the customers in this New York City coffee shop are completely genuine.

5. Crest also perpetrated a Halloween prank. Imagining a world without candy, they created candy and treats with “healthy” flavors of vegetables, then asked some unsuspecting kids to try them. The results were, well, predictably hilarious.

6. In another food-related prank, Scope released an April Fool’s commercial for bacon flavored mouthwash – “For breath that sizzles.” I’m sure there are plenty of people who would actually enjoy using bacon mouthwash, and in fact some did inquire about the product. Alas, they were fooled – no bacon mouthwash was ever made.

7. Finally, Sony  pulled one over on us this April Fool’s Day with this phony advertisement for “Sony Animalia.” This hilarious prank video shows off all the great features of their new line of electronics for pets. Because, you know, every hamster needs a pump-up playlist for his runs on the hamster wheel.

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