7 Fashion Essentials For Snowboarding

When participating in the sport of snowboarding, the right gear is essential to have a good time. Whether you are just starting out or way ahead of the pack, you don’t want to get hypothermia and die on a mountain somewhere while you are at a ski resort trying to save the snowboarding club from being shut down by those mean rich people. You may be wondering how you can stay your warmest and most comfortable this winter while you tear it up on the half pipe or learn how to cautiously take slight inclines. These are 7 fashion essentials that any winter sporting enthusiast should take note of.

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1. Helmet

If you are sliding down a mountain at lighting speeds, it is possible that you could hit your head on a tree or rock. This could cause a serious brain injury or worse. That is why we recommend wearing a helmet like this snazzy Giro Decade Snowboard Helmet Black Pearl Sans Women's 2014. ($100 at The House)

2. Goggles

Goggles protect the most sensitive part of your face from the wind and sun while you snowboard. This is important for keeping bugs out of your eyes and contact lenses in them. The Women's 2014 Electric EG2.5 Goggles are top of the line with a colorful reflective coating to mask your emotions for the instructor. ($170 at The House)

3. Long Underwear

It is important to dress in layers for cold weather because they can be easily removed if they become damp or overheated. Burton’s colorful 2014 line of Women's Lightweight Baselayer Pants are functional in that they keep you from freezing to death. But they are cute enough to wear on and off the slopes. ($39.95 at The House)

4. Snowboard Jacket

Snowboarding jackets are specifically designed for the wear and tear that athletes face on the mountain every day. Take the DC Riji Snowboard Jacket for example. No icy gusts of wind will be going through that 100% polyester micro twill midweight with 40g of Poly Insulation with Taffeta Lining. ($160 at The House)

5. Snowboard Pants

Snowboarding pants should be nicely insulated but bulky enough to wear another pair of pants underneath. These Holden Lizzie Snowboard Pants come in Stone Blue, Flint, and Black. They are manufactured from waterproof polyester fibers and have lined hand-pockets. ($180 at The House)

6. Snowboard Mittens

Hand protection is useful for protecting your extremities from getting frostbitten in the snow. If you opt for the mittens, you can also pretend you are a silly cat. We like the Burton Cowgirl Mittens in Amethyst because they are furry and purple with a little fringe. ($84.95 at The House)

7. Snowboard Boots

The Nike Vapen Snowboard Boots in Black/Fusion Red/White/Gamma Green, represents the companies 2014 line of women's snowboarding boots. Sneaker heads will love the fully synthetic leather uppers with a phylon midsole and multizone tread rubber on the outsole. ($220 at The House)

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