7 Features That Set the Lenovo Yoga Laptop Apart

There are tons of laptops on the market, and it can be super confusing to find the right one to fit your needs. You don’t want to settle for something low-quality, but you also probably don’t have tons of cash on hand. Luckily, Lenovo has come up with laptops called the Yoga series that are truly changing the game. Here are the 7 features that are blowing away the other tech competition!

1. 4 Usage Modes

Most laptops come in a stationary position, which doesn’t make them very convenient to use. However, Lenovo’s Yoga laptops can be moved into 4 different positions: as a regular laptop, a tent, a stand, or a tablet. You can move the screen a full 360 degrees, so you can position your laptop for whatever works best for your specific purposes. Even though you can move it around, it’s completely stable (since it’s made of aluminum and steel), so you don’t have to worry about the laptop bouncing or breaking!

2. Slim Size

In fact, the Lenovo Yoga laptop series is the world’s slimmest 2-in-1. The Yoga 3 Pro is actually thinner than a pencil at .5” - their site boasts you could even slide it under a bedroom door! This makes it much easier to stash in your backpack, purse, or briefcase. No more lugging around heavy laptops for you!

3. Lightweight

Speaking of its size, the Yoga 3 Pro weighs just 2.6 pounds - definitely one of the lightest you’ll find on the market today! Even a standard Yoga 3 model weighs just 3.5 pounds, so even if you buy a cheaper model, you’ll still be getting something super portable and easy to use.

4. Amazing Display

There’s a variety of screen sizes to choose from with the various models (11.6”, 13.3”, and 14”), but no matter which one you select, you’ll be getting stunning visuals! The Yoga 3 Pro has a WHD and LED glossy multi-touch (3200X1800) touchscreen that will amaze your eyes. The visuals include an Intel HD Graphics 5300, so you’ll be getting the clearest picture possible - perfect for streaming movies or gaming!

5. Fast Processor

All of the Yoga models have fast processors, but the Yoga 3 Pro was made to be 3 times more responsive than the last model. So, you’re looking at faster bootup times and generally quicker usage all around. The Intel Core M 5Y70 processor will give you 1.10GHz with 1600MHz and 4mb. No more waiting for pages to upload or loading signals popping up - the Yoga series will have you moving at lightning speed!

6. Tons of Memory

Don’t worry about not having sufficient memory with your new laptop. The Yoga series offers 8 GB (DDR3L 1600 MHz), so you can take care of schoolwork, business, or just relax with some entertainment any time you want.

7. Long Battery Life

One of the worst parts about other laptop models is their short battery lives (doesn’t it always seem like you’re searching for an outlet to plug into?) Well, with Lenovo’s Yoga laptops, you’re guaranteed a long-lasting battery - up to 7 hours! So, even if you’re logged onto your computer, you can still ‘unplug’ from the world!

This has surely convinced you to snag one of these bad boys, right? Well, one of the best parts of the Lenovo Yoga series is that there’s a range of price points to fit your budget - $1,099 for the Yoga 3 Pro, $799 for the Yoga 3 14”, $679 for the Yoga 3 11”, and $699 for the Yoga 2 Pro. But, there are far more savings to be earned if you use a Lenovo coupon code at checkout!

Now, instead of thinking of yoga as a form of exercise, you’ll think of it as a whole new way to use a computer!

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